5 Power Spots" in Japan to Enjoy Nature and Get Good Luck and Energy!

5 Power Spots" in Japan to Enjoy Nature and Get Good Luck and Energy!

  • Power sports are special locations dotting the earth where it is believed your luck will change for the better.
    Japan has several power spots, but do you know what they are?
    Here are 5 recommended power spots all over Japan which are not only charming sightseeing spots but you can also gain energy from nature.

  • 1. Hakone Shrine

    An extremely famous power spot in the Kanto region, it is said that this shrine advances and improves business matters.
    Nearby is the Kuzuryu shrine, honoring the deity Kuzuryu, who controls water.
    Visit both shrines at the same time for extra good luck!
    You can also see the beautiful scenery such as the torii floating in Lake Ashi and enjoy the many onsen which Hakone is famous for.


  • 2. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

    This power spot is said to increase good fortune as well as good luck in business.
    A 1,000-year-old gingko tree was located at the shrine, which fell in a storm in 2010.
    However, the stump of the tree has produced leaves.
    This regeneration has added to the popularity of this power spot.
    You can also buy omamori (lucky charm) famous for their bird and flower designs.
    It is also located nearby the famous Kamakura Daibutsu.


  • 3. Enoshima Shrine

    Enoshima Shrine is a power spot said to help many of your life's wishes come true.
    It is also said that you should pass through the torii gates separately from your friends or significant other in order to avoid a bad separation.
    As the shrine is located on the famous Enoshima island, you can board the charming Enoden railway and stroll on the beach.


  • 4. Itsukushima Shrine

    At Itsukushima Shrine, it is believed that benefits in marriage, love, and a prosperous business can be gained.
    Not only that, it is a World Heritage site, famous for its red torii gate floating in the sea.
    At low tide, you can walk to the large gate.
    You will like also come in contact with the many wild deer in the surrounding area of Miyajima!


  • 5. Izumo-taisha Shrine

    Izumo-taisha is famous for enshrining the god of marriage.
    However, not only can you receive good luck in love, but also for work and friendship.
    Therefore, some people call it "the god of fortune."
    From ancient times, in the 10th month of the Japanese lunar calendar, the gods throughout Japan gather at this shrine.
    The symbol of the shrine, a large rope (called oshimenawa) is a highlight of Izumo-taisha with a length of 13 meters and a weight of 4.5 tons!
    It is certainly worth a look!


  • Did any of these power spots interest you?
    No matter what sort of good fortune you need, these amazing spots are worth a visit.