Reasonably Priced Onsen Hotels Right in the Middle of Japan's Biggest Cities

Reasonably Priced Onsen Hotels Right in the Middle of Japan's Biggest Cities

There are plenty of people who travel to Japan and want to visit an onsen.
The trouble is, many people believe that onsen are only located in the middle of nowhere, and thus difficult to access for the average traveler.
But the good news is, that's not true.
Even in big cities, there are wonderful onsen hotels to stay in.
All of the hotels listed are easy to access from a nearby train station, and are close to several great sightseeing spots that guests can easily reach!


  • Dormy Inn Tokyo Hatchobori

    The Dormy Inn Tokyo Hatchobori ( ) is not only in a convenient location, it is also home to some large and refreshing public baths as well as open-air baths!
    The natural public bath takes up the second floor and is separated into men and women sections, as are the open-air baths and the sauna.
    Dormy Inn also offers some great services such as a shuttle service from Tokyo station to the hotel on weekends and holidays, and a taxi service.

    Room rates: from 8,990 yen.

  • Hotel Check In Shimbashi

    This hotel ( is also in a wonderful location, Shimbashi. Hotel Check In's main feature is its “radium ion onsen” which can relieve plenty of ailments including back and shoulder pain, nerve pain, chilblains, fatigue and many others.
    There is both a large bath and a small bath, both of which are separated by gender.
    At this hotel, you don't even have to stay overnight!
    You can book a “nap” and stay for six hours between 6 am and 4 pm which costs 3,800 yen.

    Room rates: from 4,750 yen.


  • Hotel Seiryu

    The natural mineral hot spring baths at Hotel Seiryu ( help to ease tension and also offer a beautiful night view for guests.
    The hotel also has a beautiful architectural design and is about 25 minutes from central Osaka, central Nara and central Kyoto by car or train!

    Room rates: from 9,800 yen.

  • Super Hotel Osaka Natural Hot Springs

    This hotel ( in Osaka offers beautiful bathing facilities from 5 am - 10 am and from 11 am to the following 24:00 am, so you will be able to rest your body in this onsen at almost any time of day.
    They also provide a tasty, nutritional breakfast from 6:30 am - 9:00 am (and until 9:30 am on weekends and holidays) from 1,080 to 1,290 yen.
    They also pride salad from organic vegetables as well as their original dressings.

    Room rates: from 7,980 yen.

  • Sauna & Capsule Spadio Hotel Osaka

    An interesting hotel ( that travelers might want to stop by is this onsen and capsule hybrid.
    The capsules are separated into men's and women's sections on the top floors.
    The 3rd floor is reserved for women's baths with men's on the 5th floor.
    This is much more than a capsule hotel with a relaxing onsen, however, as it also offers a sauna, stone bath, TV room, game room, massage chairs and more!

    Room rates: About 3,000 yen.


  • Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihokaku

    Kyoto is a wonderful place to visit as it is the center of tradition in Japan and offers beautiful landmarks and scenery.
    This hot spring hotel ( is a perfect embodiment of Kyoto's rich culture.
    With hot spring baths in some of their luxurious rooms, guests can relax in their own private space.
    For other guests, there are 3 different bathing facilities – Kyoto hot springs, the Nishiyama no yu spa and the Higashiyama no yu spa.
    They also have a restaurant, cafe, tea room, and sky terrace for guests to enjoy the view!

    Room rates: from 6,600 yen.

  • Super Hotel Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi

    This hotel ( offers a natural spa bath as well as free breakfast!
    Their bath has separate bathing times for men (5:00-7:50 pm and 11:00 pm-6:50 am) and women (3:00 pm-4:50 pm, 8:00 pm-10:50 pm and 7:00-9:30 am).
    The hotel offers extremely neat and clean facilities and a wide range of food in their free breakfasts.

    Room rates: from 8,500 yen.

There you have it! A great range of onsen hotels in 3 of Japan's biggest cities.
Even if you don't have the time or the means to leave the city you're visiting, you still have a chance to relax.