In the afternoon, take a rest in the hotel lounge

In the afternoon, take a rest in the hotel lounge


In the afternoon, take a rest in the hotel lounge

3 luxury hotels concentrated in the Tameike-Sanno area.
From the early afternoon until early twilight. Spend an elegant springtime here.

A luxurious rest spot that will soothe you

Hotel Okura Tokyo, ANA InterContinentalTokyo, and The Capitol Hotel Tokyu. The Tameike-Sanno area has 3 of the most select luxury hotels in Tokyo. There are many ways to use the hotels besides staying there. Just relaxing in the lounge gives you the feeling of the sophisticated atmosphere, accumulated history, and refined hospitality. If you're going to walk around Tameike-Sanno, we hope you'll stretch out a little farther than usual and try taking a little rest at one of these hotel lounges and cafes.

3 particularly beautiful items from the "Strawberry Afternoon Set" served by the Atrium Lounge. They're so delicious and adorable that it's almost a shame to eat them!

Hotel Okura Tokyo

A famous café with a feeling of warmth that you'll want to visit with your family

"Hotel Okura Tokyo" is awaiting the opening of its new main building next year. The "dining café area" in the annex is one of the nicer spots that allows visitors to enjoy a relaxing time, from breakfast time to light meals late at night. Famous menu items once served at the old building like "french toast" and "roast beef" are also served. We hope you''ll not only taste the simple yet carefully prepared entrees, but also enjoy the traditional and nostalgic feeling atmosphere.

Ever since this hotel's opening, lemon pie has been a regular menu item there for over half a century, and is even popular as a takeout item. The fresh herbal tea is an invigorating and refreshing tea that extracts essences from 5 herbs.
Pie a la mode (lemon pie), ¥1,200
Fresh herbal tea, ¥1,000
*Tax and service charge assessed separately

A pleasant fresh scent that tickles your nose


Toranomon 2-10-4, Minato-ku
Hotel Okura Tokyo Annex 1F
(Business hours) 6:30 AM-Midnight
(Days closed) none

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

18 varieties of delicious and beautiful strawberry cakes

A 1 min. walk from Tameike-Sanno Station, exit 13. The ANA InterContinental Tokyo is holding a "strawberry sensation" event in all of its buildings. In the richly international Atrium Lounge, Ladurée, a Parisian restaurant with a long history, has installed a specially made strawberry- colored macaroon tower that is 4.5m high. We hope you'll enjoy taking in ths luxurious worldview that is surrounded by the scent of strawberries.

On the weekends, there are even herb live performances

18 varieties of cute bite-size cakes that use lots of strawberries. This is a strawberry experience that draws out the charm of each strawberry to the greatest extent possible and allows you to enjoy the uniqueness of each strawberry every time you put one in your mouth./Strawberry afternoon tea set ¥4,900 *Tax and service charge assessed separately


1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku
ANA InterContinental Tokyo 2F
(Business hours) 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Sundays and holidays 10:00 AM-9:00 PM
(Days closed) None

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Feel the spring at the Strawberry Fair

This hotel lies right next to the Hie Shrine in a lushly green and quiet area. The all day dining restaurant ORIGAMI is a place you dine at your leisure no matter what the time of day. In addition to famous menu items carried over from the old Capitol Tokyu Hotel era like "German apple pancakes" and "pudding a la mode," they are now also holding a Strawberry Fair. We hope this diverse strawberry-filled menu will help you feel the arrival of spring.

The pudding a la mode uses 5-6 kinds of fruits that vary according to what's in season. The firm pudding and the fresh fruits make a perfect match. Pudding a la mode, ¥1,850 (includes service charge and tax)

Strawberry Romanoff, ¥1,750 (includes service charge and tax)
This is a dish that gives careful consideration to appearance as well as taste


2-10-3 Nagatcho, Chiyoda-ku
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu 3F
(Business hours) 6:30 AM-Midnight (last order 11:30 PM)
(Closed days) none

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