Go to Tameike-Sanno for cherry blossom viewing too

Go to Tameike-Sanno for cherry blossom viewing too


Go to Tameike-Sanno for cherry blossom viewing too

Tameike-Sanno is actually also a famous cherry blossom spot. We'll introduce you to the best cherry blossom spots, including the new famous ones for this spring!

(A) Walking along the rows of cherry blossom trees at AIR

We are told that he cherry blossom trees planted starting from "Akasaka Intercity AIR" and moving in the direction of Toranomon were chosen to be unique looking trees that look like naturally grown to allow people to grow attached to them.

(B) Look up at a Himalayan cedar with a history

The large Himalayan cedar standing outside the entrance of "Akasaka Intercity" has been there since long ago. Although it has sometimes been transplanted, it has looked over this neighborhood for several centuries. In the back, there is a small and quiet bamboo road that spreads out and is loved by the surrounding residents.

(C) Climbing Sakurazaka

Everyone has heard "Sakurazaka" at least once. During the season when cherry blossoms bloom, the whole area from here to "Spain Hill" turns into a cherry blossom tunnel. For a limited period of time, there are sometimes also illumination displays at night.

(D) Walk down Spain Hill

"Spain Hill" is named for the fact that it connects Roppongi-dori to the Spanish embassy.

(E) Enjoy the cherry blossoms while riding a bicycle

Register once and you can rent a rental bicycle at ¥150 for 30 minutes. The bicycles also come with electric assistance, which comes as a relief in this hilly area.
/Minato-ku bicycle sharing


In September 2017, a new landmark was born in Tameike-Sanno. Its name is "Akasaka Intercity AIR." With 38 above-ground floors and 3 underground floors, this is a facility complex with not only office spaces, meeting venues and clinics, but also residences, cafes and restaurants too.
A significant characteristic of this facility is the overwhelming amount of "green" on its premises! The area of open space with a wide variety of plants planted on it comes to 5000㎡. There are hills with small paths and a river with a bridge built over it. It's just like being in a forest.
Soon there will also be cherry blossoms blooming along the river bank. These cherry blossom trees were planted last autumn, so this will be their first flowering.
It's also nice that there are a lot of benches on the premises. And there are so many restaurants with terrace seating that you may have difficulty deciding which one to go to. Also, they say that each restaurant is preparing their own cherry blossom themed menu. Come visit Tameike-Sanno's new famous spots for feeling the spring breeze and greenery!


1-8-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo Metro Tameike Sanno Station/Kokkai Gijido-mae Station
Directly connected to Exit 14

Source: metropolitana