Unique and Tasty Snacks from the Japanese Convenience Store

Unique and Tasty Snacks from the Japanese Convenience Store

Unique and Tasty Snacks from the Japanese Convenience Store

As you may already know, Japan can be rather creative when it comes to food and flavors.
Maybe you have tried some of the more famous flavors of Japan like matcha or sakura.
However, in Japanese convenience stores there is always a plethora of seasonal flavors and slightly strange yet delicious snacks to try.
When you're traveling to Japan, no matter the season, you will definitely find something special that is available during your visit!
Listed below are just a handful of these uniquely tasty items.


  • Yogurina Mineral Water

    Suntory, another maker of tasty drinks, has created an interesting flavored water.
    Normally flavored water comes in lemon, orange, peach and other fruity varieties, but not this one!
    Yogurt-flavored water has reached the shelves of convenience stores.
    While this sounds odd, it actually has a refreshing taste that isn't too sweet.

  • Melon Cream Soda

    If you haven't already tried a CALPIS product, you're missing out.
    CALPIS always has seasonal flavors and also some drinks with a twist.
    One of these is their melon cream soda.
    Melon soda, a green fizzy drink popular in Japan is often paired with a scoop of ice cream to make “cream soda”.
    CALPIS captured this flavor and put it in a bottle.
    It is extremely sweet, so if you're not a fan of sugar, proceed with caution!

  • Flavored Soy Milk

    These cute, individual boxes of soy milk come in several flavors such as plain, banana, black tea and mixed fruit.
    There are also several flavors that pop up every year when the time is right, for example sweet potato or sakura.
    Plenty of other flavors can be found during the year in the convenience store too like cocoa, plum, melon, pudding, and the list goes on!


  • Sour Cream and Scallop Potato Chips

    Calbee's potato chips are always delicious no matter their flavor.
    And most people probably have a sour cream and onion flavor or shrimp flavored potato chip in their country.
    But how about sour cream and scallops?
    It sounds odd, of course, but sour cream?
    Potato chips?
    Put them all together and why wouldn't it be salty and delicious?

  • Pudding Polinky

    Have you ever tried a corn snack that tasted like pudding?
    Well, you might have a chance to.
    Polinky is a light corn snack and for the special occasion of their 25th anniversary, the makers brought out Purinky (a play on “purin”, the Japanese word for pudding and the snack's normal name).
    The texture is still light and crunchy, but the pudding flavor adds an unusual sweetness!

  • Ninja Gummies

    UHA Mikakuto, the company behind these snacks, makes a lot of gummy variations, but the ninja version is probably the most interesting!
    The package has a ninja-fied version of the average businessman or woman in a different color (https://goo.gl/2ogZ6B).
    The flavors they have are peach, blueberry and grape, which seem typical for gummy candy, as well as the more unusual pickled plum and bonito flavor!

When you come across some strange snacks in the convenience store, don't be afraid!
You will most likely be pleasantly surprised.
And, if you make an unusually delicious discovery, be sure to share it with your friends before it disappears!
Preserve your trip by tasting as many of the limited-time flavors as you can.
Have fun!