Stylish (Hip) Asakusa - Fashion

Stylish (Hip) Asakusa - Fashion


After obtaining your favorite accessory just for you...

  • Enjoy Asakusa-style fashion

    Asakusa was once home to lots of theaters. It has entertained the people down to the present with traditional performing arts such as rakugo storytelling, manzai (two-person comedy routines), and rokyoku (storytelling accompanied by traditional instruments), as well as public performances of films and plays. In reflecting back on this history, why not enjoy the performing arts quarter of Asakusa by dressing up in style? Being stylish in the Asakusa way means getting dressed up in a kimono. There are lots of rental shops that will let you dress up in a kimono with ease. Perhaps Japanese garments that are out of the ordinary for you will allow you to feel stylish (hip) in both body and soul?


    With rokyoku, which is said to form the roots behind enka, the artist performs stories through poetry and recitations that are accompanied by a shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese instrument). Even people who know absolutely nothing about rokyoku can enjoy stories told in the comforting voice of the performer at a distinctive rhythm.

  • Rental kimonos - KOSODE

    Even if you'd like to stroll around Asakusa in a kimono, getting everything you would need for this arranged can be difficult. At this store you can rent everything from kimonos to obi sashes, bags, and zori sandals. And since they'll put them on for you, you don't need to bring anything. You can also get an optional hair set, all of which is sure to transform you into a kimono-bedecked beauty. Great for female companions in pairs, as well as for a couple's kimono date.

    You can choose an obi sash that's suited to your kimono. The store keepers can also provide you with advice.

    Once you're dressed in your kimono, choose your hair accessories.

    They also have bags with an abundance of colored patterns that will suit your kimono.

    Put on a pair of zori sandals that suit you perfectly, and the transformation is complete!

  • One day walking course

    Silk pongee: 5,000 yen
    Pure silk: 6,000 yen
    Men's kimono: 4,000 yen and up
    (Full set; we also lend out haori coats in the winter)
    * Tabi socks (for sale) 600 yen and up
    Hair set: 1,000 yen (casual), 2,000 yen (arranged)
    10:30-17:30 (return)

    Asakusa Engei Hall

    This shop sells Engei Hall original hand towels

    When walking through places where you would think you'd have a hard time getting into, like rokyoku or rakugo performances, wearing a kimono will surely help you blend right in.
    You should definitely experience how stylish (hip) you feel when clad in a kimono.