Exclusive coupons available to readers ♪ 5 reasons why Japan Welcome SIM is essential for your Japan trip

Exclusive coupons available to readers ♪
5 reasons why Japan Welcome SIM is essential for your Japan trip

Japan Welcome SIMが日本旅行に不可欠な5つの理由

You've booked your flight and your hotels, but it's easy to overlook your means of communication.

You want to upload the photos of your Japan trip right away, but you're worried about the mobile phone charges... Free Wi-Fi isn't available everywhere in Japan; roaming is a bit expensive; a rental Wi-Fi router is an option, but you're afraid of losing it...

There's no need to worry about any of this! Japan Welcome SIM is a prepaid SIM service that's recommended for anyone who wants to enjoy communications in Japan without any fuss.

1. You can enjoy stable, high-quality communication!

NTT DOCOMO is No. 1 in Japan for customer numbers, and so you can enjoy high-speed communications in comfort in Japan.
That means you can share all those amazing moments you’ve captured on SNS on the spot, any time ♪

2. You can customize the service to fit the dates of your trip, avoiding unnecessary costs!

Most prepaid SIM cards have a large capacity, but in fact, there are not many people who use 2 GB.
With an initial charge of 1,000 yen and starting from 100 MB, Japan Welcome SIM is available at a low price, so it is recommended for people on short trips, who can make great savings. Of course, if you want to make a lot of use of your SIM, there is also an option for you: Plan 1700, which comes with 500 MB!

3. Get free data by looking at ads or responding to surveys! Get more from your SIM!

With Japan Welcome SIM, you can get 4G/LTE of data for use in Japan just by looking at a few ads or answering surveys in your spare time before setting off! And what’s more, it’s all information that’s highly relevant to your Japan trip. You can have fun earning high-speed data♪
By the way, you can accumulate even more high-speed data after arriving in Japan by looking at ads in a free Wi-Fi environment such as your hotel!

4. If you suddenly run out of high-speed data, no problem! 128 Kbps connectivity is also available as a back-up.

With just half a day left in Japan, your high-speed data is about to hit zero… Without internet access, you are in danger of becoming cut off from your friends!!

Don’t panic – with Japan Welcome SIM, you have unlimited use of 128 Kbps connectivity for 15 days after your high-speed data runs out! That’s plenty for sending messages via SNS. With Japan Welcome SIM, you are ready for any eventuality. So there’s nothing to worry about for the whole of your stay.

5. Picking up your SIM card is easy, and with no need for APN setup, you can use it right away!

Since the SIM pick-up points are Japan’s major airports, you can get yours as soon as you arrive in Japan! Because you can pick it up at the airport, you won’t experience any communication problems while traveling. And what’s more, setup is very easy. With NTT DOCOMO technology, APN setup is unnecessary. Just put the SIM into your phone and activate it in order to be able to use it there and then.

So, how was that? Japan Welcome SIM, an essential item for your Japan trip.
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