3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Japan's Amazing Drugstores

3 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Japan's Amazing Drugstores

With the continuous development of the beauty industry, drugstores have been quite popular in Japan.
They are more than the usual pharmacy with toiletries.
Drugstores are a beauty product paradise!
Read on to find out why.

  • 1. Reasonable Prices and Amazing Products

    A great thing about Japanese drugstores is that even the smaller stores have a wide variety of famous brands.
    If you see an ad in a magazine or a commercial on TV for a product, chances are the drugstore will have it!
    The brands stocked are also quite affordable and visitors can often find stores that allow them to buy items tax-free!

  • 2. Testing Products

    Now you know that drugstores always have the latest items in stock.
    Another great thing about these items is that you can test practically everything before you buy it!
    Not sure if that foundation, eyeshadow, blush or lipstick is the right color for you?
    No problem, you can swatch the tester on your hand!
    Want to try that hand cream to see how it feels before you buy it?
    You can do that too!
    The testers are numerous and great for helping you make the best purchase.

  • 3. Easy to Find

    Drugstores are everywhere in big cities and even the smallest of towns have at least one large store offering beauty items and toiletries.
    The number of drugstores is probably on par with the number of convenience stores.
    Because of their abundance in big cities, there are some places with English or Chinese speaking staff if needed.
    Some larger chains with branches all over or in many parts of the country include Matsumoto Kiyoshi (http://goo.gl/BUwVy *Japanese only), SunDrug (http://goo.gl/bi4JB *Japanese only), and Kokumin (http://goo.gl/7L8mQ *Japanese only).

  • You will have so many options at the drugstore in Japan.
    You can take your time choosing the best from the wide range of products and buy them at an affordable price!
    If you have the opportunity, definitely stop by the drugstore and enjoy the aisles upon aisles of items!