Geisha & Kimono recommended in Tokyo, too.

Geisha & Kimono recommended in Tokyo, too.


Hi, I'm Katy.
I really like to travel to Japan for the high-quality products and wonderful food!
This time, I would like to feature COREDO Muromachi, the shopping complex, which is a unique collection of shops and gourmet restaurants.
It also offers incredibly rare experiences for travelers such as interacting and playing traditional games with geisha!
This complex has the feeling of traditional Japanese style with a clean environment and great ambience.
Even if you've only just arrived in Japan, it's easy to enjoy COREDO Muromachi!

You will definitely have a fantastic time and you can buy plenty of souvenirs too.
Don't miss out on these activities and shops!

  • Jspeak Bonus Coupon

    5% off at Kiya, an old established hocho knife store; 8% off at Hashicho, a store specializing in chopsticks; and you get oil-removing paper as a present at Hakuza, a store specializing in gold leaf. You get a flyer with coupons for a total of 33 stores as a present.

    * Please show this page to the Nihonbashi Information Center (COREDO Muromachi 1, B1F)

  • Dance Performance and Traditional Games With Geisha

    This is the best activity to learn more about Japanese culture.
    You can enjoy traditional dancing, music, and interacting with geisha.
    It's really fun to join in the traditional games like "tora-tora", "tosenkyo" and "konpira fune fune".

    My favorite game was "Tosenkyo", which is so exciting and fun.
    It’s a traditional game, even though it is rarely played by the Japanese nowadays!
    The rules seem simple, just hold a fan and try to knock an object from the target to get points, but for me, it was kind of a hard skill to learn because I'd never played it before!
    You'll be able to understand the game and enjoy yourself thanks to the English-speaking staff!
    And don't forget to take as many photos as possible with the geisha!

    Check below for more information about Omotenashi Experience!
    You can experience the traditional tea ceremony and kimono rental if you make a reservation through the site below:

  • Makanai (まかないこすめ)

    All of the ingredients for Makanai's high-quality products are made in Japan.
    The most popular item is their hand cream, which is all natural and even suitable for babies.
    Their konjak sponge for the face and rice-bran bag are super-star items too!

    I got to try the lotion myself and it made my hands feel super soft.
    There are so many nice products here which are high quality, have a cute design, and a reasonable price!

    Check below for more information about Makanai (まかないこすめ)!

  • MUJI 無印良品

    This brand is something you are bound to see at COREDO.
    MUJI has interior and lifestyle items with simple designs.
    They also have skincare products that are even popular among men!
    In addition, they sell their own brand of snacks.
    The most popular snack is the white chocolate-covered strawberries.
    If you're worried about having too many souvenirs to bring home, they also sell suitcases!

    Check below for more information about MUJI 無印良品!

  • Tonkatsu Suzuki (とんかつ 寿々木)

    After shopping, it's good to eat delicious food for energy.
    This restaurant offers a Japanese style meal of tonkatsu.
    The meat is fresh and juicy and is a must-try!
    After taking your order, the chef makes the katsu meals one by one, and after receiving your portion, you can savor its delicious flavors.

    Their pork loin cutlet set, katsudon and misokatsu are amazingly delicious!
    They also serve take-out like the katsubento and katsu sandwich!

    Check below for more information about Tonkatsu Suzuki (とんかつ 寿々木)!

  • COREDO Muromachi shopping spot is a paradise for great shopping and tasty food!
    It is a refreshing area with plenty of variety.
    And honestly, I want to come here again and again!

    Check below for more information about COREDO Muromachi!

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