Jspeak app now comes with free Wi-Fi! Get a Wi-Fi coupon good for one week all over Japan!

Jspeak app now comes with free Wi-Fi!
Get a Wi-Fi coupon good for one week all over Japan!

Jspeak app now comes with free Wi-Fi!
Get a Wi-Fi coupon good for one week all over Japan!

Visit Japan this summer! But can you stay connected?

Most of you reading this article must be thinking of visiting Japan.
When you travel, you want to check the map, check how to get to places, and post photos on social media...
You will need a good Internet connection.
Have no worries, you can use convenient Wi-Fi even in Japan!
Mobile carrier NTT DOCOMO, with Japan's largest number of customers, offers a Wi-Fi service called "docomo Wi-Fi for visitors." Being Japan's No. 1 carrier, it offers visitors connectivity, security, and low price.

*Details here.

Only with the Jspeak app! Free one-week coupon!

We want visitors to Japan to have a more enjoyable stay.
With this in mind, we provide a special coupon to those who download the Jspeak app. They can use the coupon to use "docomo Wi-Fi for visitors" for free for one week (normally costing ¥972 including tax)!
Since this is a limited-time offer, be sure to take advantage of this offer if you visit Japan!

Four easy steps to get the coupon!

1. On the Jspeak app's top page, tap on the Wi-Fi icon.

2. Tap on "Get the ID and Password."
Tap on "Get Free Wi-Fi Coupon."
Tap on "Get ID/Pass."

3. Enter your email address and coupon code.

4. On the screen in step 2, enter the ID and password sent to your email address. (If you are using iOS, install the separate settings file.)

You now have the coupon! Wasn't that easy?

Four easy steps to use the coupon to use Wi-Fi!

1. Find a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Wi-Fi hotspots are indicated by this sticker.

You can find Wi-Fi hotspots at train stations, airports, Starbucks, convenience stores, etc., all over Japan. Walk around to find one!

*Search for a Wi-Fi hotspot

2. <Android> When there is a Wi-Fi hotspot, the device will connect automatically.
Where there is a docomo Wi-Fi hotspot, the Android device will connect automatically to Wi-Fi when you launch Jspeak application.

 <iOS> When there is a Wi-Fi hotspot, startup your browser!
If you are an iOS user, select "Wi-Fi" on the iOS settings screen when you enter a docomo Wi-Fi service area.
Your browser will open automatically when you connect to the "0000docomo" or "docomo" Wi-Fi network (SSID), so tap "docomo Wi-Fi for visitors" on the upper-left of the screen.

*Details here.

3. <iOS> Log in with the ID and password you received.
On the "docomo Wi-Fi for visitors" login screen, enter the user ID and password provided in the email sent to you after you submitted the application. Then press the Login button.

4. <iOS> Wi-Fi connected!
You can now connect to the Internet.
*The device will connect automatically after the first time. If it does not connect automatically, repeat the procedure from step 2.

Enhance your travels in Japan with "docomo Wi-Fi for visitors" and Jspeak.

For Japan visitors! Jspeak event notice.

Jspeak event to be held for a limited period at Kansai International Airport in Osaka.
If you don't know how to use the Wi-Fi coupon, there will be staff to help you.
If you will be landing in Osaka, please see us!

August 28th, 2017 to September 3.rd, 2017, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, 2nd floor (Tabi no Hiroba)

*The event date, time, and program are subject to change without notice.