Take a Day Tour of Kanagawa, South of Tokyo, with a KSGG volunteer guide

Take a Day Tour of Kanagawa, South of Tokyo, with a KSGG volunteer guide

Take a Day Tour of Kanagawa, South of Tokyo, with a KSGG volunteer guide

Kanagawa Systematized Goodwill Guide (KSGG) Club is a non-profit voluntary organization,located south of Tokyo, in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The members, using their foreign language skills and, as civil diplomats, are taking part in such volunteer activities as guiding visitors from overseas for sightseeing day tours, helping foreign students and trainees with language and cultural supports, and interpreting at international meetings and events.(Our guide services are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean and Thai.) Through these activities, the members hope that international exchanges and mutual understanding will be promoted.
Since its foundation in 1989, KSGG has been authorized and assisted by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Kanagawa Prefectural Government, and Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau. And KSGG has happily gained an excellent reputation as one of the best volunteer groups in Kanagawa Prefecture and as one of the leading SGG Clubs in Japan.

Let us introduce to you three main tourist area routes


Kamakura was an ancient capital of Japan, like Kyoto and Nara. For the first time in Japan’s history, Minamoto Yoritomo, a great leader, established a Samurai government, the Kamakura shogunate, which lasted from 1192 to 1333.

1.Kamakura Highlights
(Tour time: 4 hours, Admission fees 500yen)
The three most popular places to experience the flavor of Kamakura are the gorgeous vermillion shrine, the flower temple housing one of the largest wooden statues in Japan, and the bronze Great Buddha, a National Treasure.

2.Kamakura Hiking
(Tour time: 4 hours, Admission fee: 200yen)
While you enjoy hiking on the mountain trail, you will visit legendary shrines and temples as well as the Yagura burial caves. You are suggested to wear sneakers.

3. Northern Kamakura
(Tour time: 5 hours, Admission fees: 700yen)
Here you will visit a renowned temple at the foot of forested hills where you can feel the atmosphere of Zen Buddhism. Other spots include a temple known as the “Women’s Temple”, the Great Buddha, and a shrine that is a symbol of Kamakura.

4, Graceful Kamakura
(Tour time: 4 hours, Admission fees: 500yen, Matcha tea: 500yen/600yen)
Visit legendary temples in a serene setting. This course includes Kamakura’s oldest temple, a temple with a beautiful Japanese garden and a famous bamboo temple. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste a cup of Japanese green tea at the last two temples.

5. Enoshima Island
(Tour time: 4 to 6 hours, Admission fees: 1,000yen)
This course explores Enoshima visiting historical gates, shrines with unique statues, a botanical garden, an observation tower with a panoramic view, and natural caves where a legendary dragon waits for you.


In the dawn of Japan’s modernization in the mid-19th century, Yokohama introduced to Japan a range of elements of Western civilization by opening one of the first port in 1859. Explore the wonder of Yokohama where, until about 160 years ago, had been a small fishing and farming village.

1.Yokohama Waterfront
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission free)
Exploration of International Port City Yokohama for both Old and New by walking from the Minato-Mirai 21 area to Osanbashi Pier through various historic sites.

2. Historic Yokohama
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission fee: 200yen)
The course traces the history of its development by visiting historic sites of port opening, Yamashita Park and Chinatown which is one of the largest in the world.

3. Motomachi-Yamate
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission free)
Yamate area expanded as residential foreign settlement. Western-style houses as well as Motomachi shopping street make this district characteristic and interesting.

4. Sankeien Garden
(Tour time: 2 hours, Admission fee: 500yen)
Sankeien is a traditional beautiful Japanese garden opened in 1906, with many historic old buildings, designed by Sankei Hara who made a success in the silk trade.


Kawasaki City is located about 16km southwest of Tokyo. The city nowadays is one of the high-tech industrial cities of the world. It is also known for its historic sites, like Kawasaki Daishi Temple.

1. Kawasaki Daishi Temple
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission free)
Visit the main sightseeing spots in downtown areas of Kawasaki city including Kawasaki Daishi Temple founded in 1128.

2.Ikuta Ryokuchi Park
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission fee: 1,000yen)
Ikuta-Ryokuchi, northern rich green areas of Kawasaki city, has many unique visiting spots including the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum,

3. Kawasaki Central
(Tour time: 3 hours, Admission free)
Starting on a visit to City Museum, a tour reaches lively commercial facilities out of JR Musashimizonokuchi Station by visiting characteristic temple and museums

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