The Best Unique and Affordable Souvenirs to Buy in Japan

The Best Unique and Affordable Souvenirs to Buy in Japan

When we travel, we sometimes have to worry about finding souvenirs that are surprising or interesting enough for our friends and family.
Finding gifts that are affordable, special and useful can be a difficult task.
Another problem travelers may face is always bringing back the same souvenirs from the usual sightseeing spots.
If you are looking for fun, inexpensive and unique souvenirs, these items below are just what you need!

  • SUKENO Sushi Socks from Souvenir Shops

    It is no secret that Japan is the home of many amusing items of all sorts - especially those related to food.
    Realistic sushi erasers and magnets have been a favorite of many tourists to bring home.
    But why not take it up another notch with incredibly realistic sushi socks?
    Luckily, these socks are available at souvenir shops, including those at the airport.
    What makes them particularly interesting is that when rolled up in just the right way, these don't look like socks at all, but exactly like sushi!
    Some of them are even sold in sets that look like boxes of the beloved Japanese food.
    However, when you put them on, and the sushi pattern will be displayed as a nice, realistic (and funny) stripe across the leg.
    For more information about these socks, check here: (Japanese Only)

  • Kit Kat Japanese Sake from Souvenir Shops

    Kit Kat, particularly those crazy Japanese flavors you hear about, may seem like either a dull or obvious souvenir.
    However, Japananese Kit Kat always has something special up its sleeve to make their products interesting.
    If you're looking for something that is more than just a unique flavor, why not try buying a bag of Kit Kat flavored like sake?
    Be careful, though, as the sake Kit Kat actually contain alcohol so they are not a treat for kids.
    You and your adult friends and family can certainly enjoy the sweet chocolate mixed with the pungent taste of sake.
    These are available in many souvenier shops.

  • Funny Kabuki, Anime and Animal Sheet Masks from TOKYU HANDS

    These are an excellent choice for anyone who loves skincare and has a great sense of humor.
    Say goodbye to plain sheet masks for rejuvenating your skin.
    You can now enjoy your beautification process more with Kabuki faces, cute animals, or even characters from your favorite anime like Attack on Titan!
    These masks are available at mega-stores like TOKYU HANDS which have vast selections of beauty items.

    TOKYU HANDS locations:

  • Onsen Egg Maker from DAISO

    Here is a practical, adorable item with which you can easily make your own "onsen tamago" otherwise known as a soft-boiled or half-boiled egg.
    With a cute, compact design, all you need to do is crack a raw egg into the small bowl, lower the slotted lid and place it in the microwave for about a minute.
    Any friends of yours who like shortcuts when cooking will appreciate this!
    As they are available from famous 100-yen shop DAISO, you know it will be affordable enough to buy a whole bunch!
    Check their store locations here: (Japanese only)

  • These souvenirs are sure to be enjoyed by the people you plan to buy them for, but don't forget to purchase some of them for yourself. You'll want to experience Japan while you're there and fondly remember your trip once you've returned home.