What to Eat for Breakfast in Japan: Cheap and Delicious Japanese Style Chain Restaurants!

What to Eat for Breakfast in Japan: Cheap and Delicious Japanese Style Chain Restaurants!

What to Eat for Breakfast in Japan: Cheap and Delicious Japanese Style Chain Restaurants!

While there are other countries with well-known Japanese chain restaurants like Yoshinoya and Sukiya, each country probably has a different menu - especially when it comes to breakfast!
Each country will, of course, adjust its menu to the palate of its people.
So if you travel to Japan, why not try a Japanese-style breakfast?
If you are hoping for a big breakfast that will keep you full and give you energy for your day, don't worry about having to spend a lot of cash!
Japanese fast-food restaurants offer cheap, delicious and (mostly) healthy breakfasts in many locations.
No matter if you're visiting the big city or spending a quiet week in the rural countryside, you can find these restaurants anywhere in Japan.
Try the following shops during your trip to keep you energized and enrich your day!

  • 1. Sukiya (すき家)

    Serving time: 5:00am-10:30 am.
    Sukiya serves a few different styles of breakfast, all with distinctly Japanese touches.
    They offer an egg with rice breakfast (with pork and vegetable miso soup), a delicious grilled salmon breakfast with rice, soup and vegetables, a natto breakfast (something to try if you're feeling adventurous and want to try a Japanese favorite) and lastly, they offer a small bowl of beef.
    A great thing about Sukiya's meals is that you can choose what size of rice you would like.
    The size of the rice changes the set price slightly, but don't worry!
    You can buy a breakfast set for as cheap as 300 yen and the most expensive set with a large order of rice is still only 660 yen!
    These breakfasts are definitely affordable and you won't have to worry about your diet as they are all healthy.

    Sukiya's Locations: http://maps.sukiya.jp/p/zen004/ (Japanese only)

  • 2. Yoshinoya (吉野家)

    Serving time : 4:00am-11:00am. Like Sukiya, Yoshinoya also offers a natto breakfast and grilled fish set, as these tend to be Japanese staples. However, if you're not in the mood for a large amount of food, you can also choose from a smaller chicken and rice set or the similar tofu and rice set instead. These dishes will still fill you up for a long day, and the Yoshinoya breakfasts are really affordable with the cheapest priced at 250 yen and the most expensive at only 550!

    Yoshinoya's Locations: http://mb.yoshinoya.com/y/map/ (Japanese only)

  • 3. Matsuya (松屋)

    Serving time: 5:00am-11:00am.
    Matsuya has quite a variety to choose from for its breakfast menu.
    They have a "standard set" which includes the quintessential Japanese breakfast items - rice, raw egg, nori and miso soup.
    There is also a grilled fish option as well as more western ideas of breakfast which include sausage and eggs instead of fish or natto.
    For the sets, you can choose a side dish from the options of natto with green onion, tororo (grated yam), a small dish of beef or the "premium" mini beef version.
    And best of all, Matsuya's breakfast sets can be purchased for 450 yen or less!

    Matsuya's Locations: http://pkg.navitime.co.jp/matsuyafoods/?lang=en

  • 4. Nakau (なか卯)

    Serving time: 5:00am-10:00am.
    Nakau serves an assortment of breakfast sets as well!
    They offer natto breakfast sets as well as egg or salmon breakfast sets.
    However, for a heartier meal to start your day, you can order their small beef bowl set which, in addition to the beef, includes rice, miso soup, a raw egg, and a bowl with okra and bonito flakes.
    What is special about this set is that you are supposed to mix your egg, okra and bonito flakes all together with your rice for a tasty and flavorful meal.

    Nakau Locations: http://maps.nakau.co.jp/p/zen009/ (Japanese only)

  • 5. Katsuya (かつや)

    Serving time: 7:00am-11:00am.
    Katsuya has what you're looking for if you are in the mood for delicious pork! They offer several varieties of pork set including their small fried pork set, grilled ginger pork set, and a pork and mixed vegetable set.
    There is still, of course, an egg and rice option if you prefer.
    Katsuya's hearty pork breakfasts all range from around 390 to 450 yen.

    Katsuya's Locations: http://www.arclandservice.co.jp/katsuya/shoplist.html (Japanese only)

  • 6. Yudetaro (ゆで太郎)

    Serving time: 7:00am-10:00am.
    Even if you are getting tired of eating rice, there's still a way for you to enjoy an authentically Japanese-style breakfast.
    Yudetaro is a restaurant that specializes in noodle dishes - particularly soba!
    They have 3 breakfast sets, all of which are available for 360 yen!
    The A set offers soba and curry, while the B set is made up of the same tasty soba along with rice that is topped with takana (pickled mustard leaves) and a soft-boiled egg on the side.
    The C set consists of soba, rice, natto and a raw egg.

    Yudetaro's Locations: http://yudetaro.jp/shop.html (Japanese only)

  • 7. Yayoiken (やよい軒)

    Serving time: 5:00am-11:00 am.
    Last, but not least, is Yayoiken which offers three hearty breakfast sets which all come with rice, nori and miso soup.
    The sets - fried egg and sausage (460 yen), natto (370 yen) or grilled salmon (530 yen), also come with additional different side dishes.
    The salmon set comes with natto as well as a raw egg and some toppings.
    Meanwhile, if you order the egg and sausage you can expect a pile of salad and a small dish of tofu.
    The natto set comes with a combination of these two - tofu and a raw egg. You can also choose between white or brown rice.
    And, if you've ordered white rice and you're extra hungry, you can get refills of white rice with these sets too!

    Yayoiken's Locations: http://www.yayoiken.com/en/store/

    *Please note that the menu of Yayoiken may change depending on the shop and thus it is important to check each shop's information.

    *The serving time for the breakfast menu can also vary. For 24-hour Yayoiken shops, the serving time is from 5-11am, for other shops, please inquire.

  • These are some great options to choose for an inexpensive and delicious breakfast in Japan.
    You can integrate some traditional culture, food and local life into your day.
    These healthy breakfasts will give you the energy you need in the morning to enjoy a full day of exploring.