How to Rent a Bicycle and Enjoy a One-Way Trip From Tokyo Station

How to Rent a Bicycle and Enjoy a One-Way Trip From Tokyo Station

Hey everyone, my name is Katy and I'm an international student from Taiwan, and have been living in Japan for the past six months.
When I'm not stuck inside a classroom, I venture out shopping or sightseeing by train, which of course, is very convenient but I often wonder if I'm missing out on exploring my surroundings in more detail by only using trains.
So, I decided to try a new and exciting way of exploring the magical city of Tokyo by renting a bicycle.
If, like me, you love to travel and try new things, I highly recommend it!

  • How to Rent a Bicycle

    The docking port where you can rent a bicycle is inside the Mitsubishi building near Tokyo Station.
    There you will find a kiosk machine available with instructions in Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese on how to rent and use a bicycle.

  • I chose a one-day pass using the 'Credit Card' payment method.
    However, you can also pay using an IC card like Pasmo or Suica too.

  • After choosing your payment method, follow the remaining instructions by entering your name and phone number to register.

  • Congratulations!
    You should now have a printed receipt of the Bicycle Number and Passcode for your rented bicycle!

  • Enter the four-digit PIN number from the printed receipt and you and your bicycle are good to go!
    Renting a bicycle is extremely easy so don't worry if you don't understand Japanese or if it's your first time, the kiosk machine available is very user-friendly.

    Mitsubishi building map:

  • About Your Bicycle

    It's cute, safe and comfortable!
    Besides the basic equipment like a bell, a basket for your stuff and a light, these bikes can change speed and use electric power to help you ride.
    This is really useful when you want to save energy going uphill!

  • Tips for a Safe Bicycle Trip

    Before renting a bicycle, it’s best to check the weather and do some research on the roads.
    You also need to keep in mind that in Japan, everyone drives on the left side, and so should you.
    Obey the traffic rules and pay attention when you’re riding on the street.
    And by the way, don't forget to prepare a bottle of water!

  • My Recommended Model Course

    ©OpenStreetMap contributors

    Let's take a look at the route for a half-day trip!
    The reason I chose it was because I could visit a variety of spots along the way.
    For example, I could see the flowers in bloom around the Imperial Palace, visit Hie Shrine, and have lunch in Hibiya Park.
    This route is great for sightseeing but the locations make for a peaceful atmosphere.

    The route map:

    A great thing is, you don't have to worry about a roundtrip!
    I could get on my bicycle at Tokyo Station and return it at Akihabara Station.
    I spent almost 3.5 hours visiting these spots at a relaxed pace.

  • 1. Tokyo Station

    Wherever you stay, Tokyo Station is the main station in the center of Tokyo.
    It's convenient to go and rent a bicycle here.

  • 2. The Imperial Palace

    The Imperial Palace is close to Tokyo Station and is a special place with beautiful gardens and grounds that are open to the public.

    In spring season, you will also see beautiful cherry blossoms surrounding the lake!

  • 3. National Diet Building

    Along the journey, you can see this special government building with its unique shape (similar to the white house).
    Make sure to take a picture when you go by!

  • 4. Hie Shrine

    It’s the central temple of Tokyo, and it is sacred, quiet and solemn.
    If you have never been to Fushimi-Inari Taisha (a shrine in Kyoto famous for its endless torii gates) this is a nice option!
    You can see plenty of beautiful gates at this shrine.

  • 5. Hibiya Park

    This is a beautiful park for you to enjoy lunchtime!
    Take a rest on the grass or any of the benches and enjoy your food while being surrounded by greenery, flowers, and sunshine.

  • 6. Ginza

    Here you can see the famous clock tower.
    In the same area is the most popular shopping street with many famous brands.
    You also can see many businessmen and tourists walking around here!

  • 7. Akihabara

    I recommend that you go to "mAAch ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI ( )", a historical building which used to be a facility for trains and is now a stylish and fashionable shopping complex.
    There are some great restaurants along the bridge as well.
    Since there is no parking available for bicycles, I recommend that you return your bicycle in front of Akihabara Station before shopping and having a rest!

    If you used to ride a bicycle in your country, you’ll know how convenient and easy it is to ride one in Japan! You can ride a bicycle on the safe, clean, and comfortable streets while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding sights.

    Especially if it's your first time traveling to Japan, riding the train can be overwhelming.
    But it only takes a short time to go somewhere directly by bicycle!
    While my experience renting a bicycle was in Tokyo, it isn't the only place you can do so!
    Yokohama, Sendai, Hiroshima and many other sightseeing places around the country have places for you to rent a bike.
    So if you have a chance, definitely try to navigate your way around Japan and enjoy the amazing hidden places by bicycle!
    Check here for more!