[Tokyo]Food that’s easy to stop in and eat

[Tokyo]Food that’s easy to stop in and eat


Enjoy Komagome to your heart’s content

A touring guide to Komagome, where the old and new intermingle.

[Tokyo]Food that’s easy to stop in and eat

When you spot a shop that looks interesting, stop in for a bite. This, after all, is one of the joys of taking an unplanned walk.
You could eat-in, or choose to take your food with you to a park bench.
The subdued atmosphere of Komagome is just the place to enjoy some unique culinary hot spots!

Ethiopian “Shimofuri” coffee with lemon at Hyaqtoh Coffee

This cool coffee features Ethiopian beans

and has an orangeish color in which you’ll find lemon and mint floating! The drink looks like iced tea, but it has a unique tart flavor and aromatic taste of coffee which are totally new and different. They also serve French press coffee with beans roasted on-site from a selection of over ten beans. If you choose to dine in, try a muffin, scone, or other baked good.

Ethiopian coffee with lemon (summer only): ¥500
Sfogliatella (with cream cheese and dried fruit): ¥350

Hyaqtoh Coffee Shimofuri

102 Kimitsu Building,1-54-6 Nishigahara Kita-ku
Open: Wednesdays & Thursdays 12:00-20:00(L.O.19:30)
Friday to Tuesday 9:00-20:00
Open every day

cocofulu cafe
sandwich of the day

A healthy sandwich for veggie lovers

We recommend the hearty sandwiches served at the cafe adjacent to the Kyu-Furukawa Gardens. Items like carottes rapes, purple cabbage, salad greens, and more are sandwiched heartily between brown bread for an appetizing cross-section of veggies. Other sandwiches include roast beef or chicken. There is also the vegetable sandwich for a healthy option. Tables on the second floor look down at a garden, a lovely touch.

Roast beef sandwich (with onion gravy): ¥1,020 *full-size
Homemade lemonade: ¥400

cocofulu café

1-27-34 Nishigahara,Kita-ku

Vegetable quiche at Cafe & Deli COOK

The voluminous quiche is a Komagome special!

This cafe, the closest to Komagome Station, also offers deli products like curry and ratatouille that are available to-go. The quiche is a notable item that contains tomatoes, bacon, zucchini, and other large-cut veggies. It has a gentle taste but is sure to fill the belly. The shop is all about offering health-friendly options that are homemade. It’s a must-visit.

Vegetable quiche: ¥350

Cafe & deli COOK

3-1-13 Komagome,Toshima-ku
Open:Weekdays 11:30-22:30 (L.O.22:00);Sundays 11:30-21:30 (L.O.20:30)

〈Cadot French sweets〉

A veteran French sweets shop frequented by celebrities

This French pastry shop has been around for close to sixty years in the Shimofuri Ginza Shopping Arcade. It was the first shop in Japan to sell clam-shaped madeleines and has been visited by celebrities like Yasunari Kawabata and Yukio Mishima. A recommended take-out item would be the cochonnet, inspired by a baby pig. This sweet cake features butter cream sandwiched between two madeleines. Its cute appearance makes it great as both a souvenir or as the day’s dessert.

Cochonnet: ¥360

Madeleine: ¥130


1-49-3 Nishigahara,Kita-ku
Open: 9:00-19:00
Closed: Irregular

〈Alpes sweets〉

A classical Western-style sweets shop you must visit in Komagome!

This shop in front of the train station opened its doors in 1959. The spacious windows let in the sunlight in this chic environment. The gorgeous cakes in the showcase will get your heart pumping! Orthodox entries like Mont Blancs, eclairs, roule mouches, and other items taste delicious. The cafe space on the second floor lets you listen to classical music while savoring your coffee and cake.

Savarin: ¥584

Eclair: ¥361


3-2-8 Komagome,Toshima-ku
Closed: Tuesdays

Source: metropolitana