Before You Go: Organize Summer Travel with Evernote Checklists

Before You Go: Organize Summer Travel with Evernote Checklists

Before You Go: Organize Summer Travel with Evernote Checklists

Are you hitting the open road this weekend? You’re not alone.

After a brutal winter, many travelers are eager to kick off summer by heading out for what is expected to be the busiest Memorial Day travel weekend since 2009.

Here’s some examples of how Evernote users have organized their travels with checklists in Evernote.

The Ultimate Travel Checklist

When author and speaker Michael Hyatt travels, it’s always with an extremely detailed packing list saved in Evernote, of course. Hyatt organizes his list into very specific sections that help him to consolidate necessary items from briefcase to suitcase. Check out his packing list here.

*A snapshot of Michael Hyatt’s detailed packing list.

Modify Checklists

Evernote Paperless Ambassador Jamie Todd Rubin maintains a variety of travel checklists that can be copied and modified based on the type of trip he is preparing for. Rubin can modify checklists for each type of trip, whether he is traveling with family or heading to an author event.

Here’s an example of a checklist Rubin used for a sci-fi convention:

Essential Tech Travel Lists

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination only to discover that you left an essential electronic component back at home. Don’t let that happen to you. Apartment Therapy featured some travel tips and advice on using Evernote to catalog and track all your gadgets, from cords to chargers.

The Ultimate Travel Dashboard

You can search for checklists by tagging them, but you can also follow this advice from Purple Zen Goat, and create a dashboard to host a comprehensive list of your most-used travel checklists. Simply use Evernote to create a table and then paste note links for each checklist to quickly transition back and forth. With this trick, you are only two clicks away from any of your checklists.

To add another level of travel efficiency, connect other information to these checklists. Attach flight packing lists to a note that outlines the current travel restrictions for carry-on luggage or detailed research about your destination.


If you already have a list of items saved in Evernote, you can quickly turn them into an checklist.

Here’s how using Evernote for Windows or Mac:

1. Create your list with each item on its own line.
2. When you’re done completing your list, highlight all of the items.
3. Click the ‘Checkbox’ icon located in the toolbar.
4. Done! All of the items will be automatically converted into an actionable checklist.

Are you traveling this holiday weekend? Where are you going, and how will Evernote help you tackle the trip?