[Tokyo]Cafés at Oshiage, where you want to go once

[Tokyo]Cafés at Oshiage, where you want to go once


Enjoy a tea break at Oshiage

You might wonder “A café at Oshiage?”, but there is an unexpectedly little-known story about it.
We visited a popular café-owner who are familiar with things about cafés at Oshiage and the history of the town.

Cafés at Oshiage, where you want to go once

A bit different from ordinary cafes!
Introducing one-of-a-kind cafes

A cafe where you can enjoy photos


Displaying items related to photos including classic cameras, photographic films, antiques tripods, and photograph collections, “Photo Café Aurasha” has an retro and pop atmosphere. Opened last year, this shop can be used as a rental darkroom at the second floor for film development along with the café at the first floor. Having a break in this cute café is wonderful, but participation in photo exhibitions that are irregularly held and workshop to have an experience from photo shooting to printing is recommended. This is a new spot of Oshiage where not only photo enthusiasts but also beginners can enjoy.


1-15-5 Oshiage Sumida-ku
Closed: Tuesdays,Wednesdays

Uniquely evolved spicy dishes


“Spice Café” operated by Ito, the owner of this restaurant who traveled around the world to learn about spice, is a popular restaurant at Oshiage.
Only a course dinner has been served by advance reservation from last October to offer monthly menu that emphasizes flavor of seasonal food materials only with minimum spices. Food pairing per dish by a specialist of tea and wine is offered as well. In this restaurant, curry, a typical spicy food, is also a bit different. Please have a try on the curry of delicate taste that does not rely solely on spices.

From the dinner course in April, “Clam curry, “and “Sakura shrimp biryani,” seven dishes for enjoying spices


1-6-10 Bunka Sumida-ku
Open:11:30-15:00(14:00 L.O.)18:00-23:00(21:00 L.O.)
Closed: Mondays,Tuesdays
※Lunch is only Wednesdays&Thursdays&Fridays
Dinner is reservation-only

Connect community with people by Omusubi (rice balls)


“Temusubi” is a relocation café, which started in March after renovating an 100-year-old private house. The staff members of the café actually live in a provincial area, bring back the local attractiveness they found to Tokyo, and develop a café that is unique to the area for a limited time only. They even instruct those who are interested in relocation in their know-how. Main items of the menu are hand made rice balls as the shop’s name represents. The rice balls, which are carefully made by wrapping ingredients of local specialty with rice, have somewhat nostalgic taste and make us feel relieved. Whether or not you are thinking about relocation, please visit there once.


1-15-8 Mukojima Sumida-ku
The back of a tenement house

Cat café with no cat?


The café, “Oshiage Nyanko” is overflowing with cat-related items. Looking closely, you will find even a paper towel shapes like a cat. A special menu item is 3D latte art, of which motif is a cat as well.
“Matcha soy au lait with dark molasses and brown unrefined sugar” with sticking to its appearance and taste, uses matcha ordered from Marukyu Koyamaen in Kyoto. After receiving an order, matcha is sifted to add. Astringent matcha and sweet latte create good harmony. Both cat-lovers and tea drinkers would love it. However, I am sorry to say that no real cat is in this café.

3D cat art latte; Matcha soy au lait with dark molasses and brown unrefined sugar ¥650 (tax included)


3-10-9 Oshiage Sumida-ku
Open:12:00-17:00(16:30 L.O.)

A view from 340 meters above ground!


The Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. At the halfway of the tower, “Skytree café 340” is situated at the 340 meters above the ground. If the weather permits, you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji with food and drink, which is the big appeal of this café. Sweets with the motifs of the Skytree and the official character on the menu are so cute that you would hesitate to eat. Currently, collaboration menu with ”Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)” is offered for a limited time only. Please check this out too.

Teppen Pen Sunday ¥769

Collaboration café of an event of “Shingeki no Kyoto (Attack on Gigantic Tower) carried out at the Sky Tree is now opened. If you order the collaboration menu item, you will get the limited coaster on which the character of Attack on Titan are drawn!

Chip the nape off! Extermination pot stew ¥1,112


1-1-2 Oshiage Sumida-ku
Tokyo Sky Tree Tempo Deck floor340
Open:8:00-21:45(21:15 L.O.)
Closed:same holidays as Tokyo Sky Tree

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