[Tokyo]A must-have food item at a café in Oshiage

[Tokyo]A must-have food item at a café in Oshiage


Enjoy a tea break at Oshiage

You might wonder “A café at Oshiage?”, but there is an unexpectedly little-known story about it.
We visited a popular café-owner who are familiar with things about cafés at Oshiage and the history of the town.

A must-have food item at a café in Oshiage

Once you taste it, you will want to eat it over and over again. Numerous café food items filled with owners’ pride.

KOGUMA Anmitsu ball

Sweets just like jewels

After renovating a pharmacy built in 1927, “Koguma” opened in 2006 when a renovated café has not been popular yet. Drug shelves and study desks lining up in the café create a nostalgic atmosphere.
“Anmitsudama,” is a cool Japanese confection which covers Anmitsu with agar-agar jelly. It was originated by the owner couple, and has been selected as "Sumida Modern,” a seal of approval from Sumida City. Rich sweetness of dark molasses abundantly poured on springy agar-agar and sour-sweetness of dazzlingly colored fruit are irresistible. Surprisingly, coarse sweet azuki beans paste stuffed inside is homemade as well.
The food of this café has somewhat a nostalgic taste as well as its atmosphere.

Anmitsu ball ¥463


1-23-14 Higashimukojima Sumida-ku
Closed: Tuesdays,Wednesdays

Milk shake&Coffee float

Contrast of black & white, and bitter & sweet

“Koseien,” named after “a garden where coffee is born,” is a long-established traditional café founded in 1935. In this traditional sedate café, what I recommend you to order are these. A milk shake, recommended to have a cold one on colder days and a hot one on the warmer days, tastes mildly sweet and relaxes your shoulder when taking a sip. Refreshing and bitter iced coffee is superbly harmonized with creamy ice cream in a coffee float. They said the recipes of both menu items remain unchanged from the foundation. Please try the standard menu items that continue since the pre-World War II period.

Milkshake (Ice) ¥435
Coffee float ¥509


1 - 13 - 6 Narihira Sumida-ku
Closed: Irregular

Ordinary coffee shop MARINA
Pasta Napolitana

Long-lasting and beloved Napolitan (spaghetti) through continuing to study

A special menu item of the café “Marina,” which has long been loved by local people, is Napolitan. Simple seasoning, yet rich flavor and subtle sweetness taste tremendously good. The secrets of the taste are to select good raw materials and to make an extra effort. Thick noodles of 1.9 cm are boiled a bit longer so that the flavor soaks into them. Ketchup and oil, well chosen over the years, are used when stir-frying. Lastly, one more stir-frying is sincerely added. Once you eat the sizzling Napolitan served on a hot iron plate, you will never forget the taste.

Pasta Napolitana ¥648


2-10-2 Mukojima Sumida-ku
Open:Weekdays 8:00-21:00
Saturdays & Sundays & public holiday 8:00-17:00
Closed: No holidays

Original toast

Unique toast with an international flavor

The café is located inside “TOKYO HUTTE” that has various facets including guest house and co-working space. The café uses the bread of the bakery at Higashimukoujima, “Boulangerie Trois,” which was introduced by a regular customer. Recommended menu items are; “red beans and sour cream” with soft & flaky texture and accented sour cream based on Mexican cuisine ; and Euro-American style “mash potato, cheese, and honey” of addictive sweet & salty taste. Please just stop by to see a mascot dog of the café, “Komame.”

Mashed potatoes with cheese and honey ¥463
Red beans and sour cream ¥463


4 - 18 - 16 Narihira Sumida-ku
Closed: No holidays

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