[Tokyo]Fascinating groceries at Ameyoko 2

[Tokyo]Fascinating groceries at Ameyoko 2

[東京]アメ横で魅惑のグローサリーめぐり 2

From Ueno! A Trip through delicious things

People from a variety of countries mingle here in Ueno. Delicious things gather here from all over the world. Let's depart on a full stomach tour of delicious things!

Fascinating groceries at Ameyoko 2

At Ueno, it is highly probable that you will come across delicious things. That's because of the multinational culture that exists here. The section of Ueno called Ameyoko is where many mainly Asian people opened their businesses in the process of Japan's recovery after the war. While their demands were being met, delicious things from nature and from around the world turned up.
One place in Ameyoko that particularly stands out is the food department in the basement of the Ameyoko Center Building. The first difference you might notice is the aromas wafting toward you as you go down the stairs. And you'll also hear almost no Japanese. One of the shops, Nozawaya, has been operating here for many years, and they sell lots of different foods from China, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and more. Most of the customers seem to be foreigners or chefs. The eyes of people from those countries or of the pros can usually find everything they need here. Ueno is like a big market that is always bustling with activity.


An old established shop that has continued Japan's Dashi (food stock) culture for a century and a half

Hidaka kelp
Natural, Japan-produced Hidaka kelp (Kombu) carefully selected by Iseoto, a long-established Dashi specialist. Used not only in cooking but also for rolled kelp and sliced kelp products. ¥463 (35 grams)

Maboroshi Shiitake mushrooms grown organically in virgin wood
These Shiitake mushrooms, grown with Shiitake fungus of the 1950s, are now only grown by this producer. ¥1750 (58 grams)

Japan-produced organic wood ear mushrooms
Most of the wood ear mushrooms (Kikurage) on sale in Japan comes from China. But these are produced in Japan, even organically grown, and are highly valued. ¥1371 (48 grams)


6-4-10 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3831-4411
Open: 9:00-18:30
Closed: No holidays


Shop specializing in spices and beans. Huge selection, frequented by foreigners living in Japan.

Curry powders
Original curry powders at Ohtsuya, a shop specializing in spices. Not only for curries but also stir-fried dishes, deep-fried dishes, and others. ¥288 (100 grams)

Spices for pickling
A mixture of mustard, cloves, dill, and other spices. Put them in pickling solutions, boil, and the resulting flavor is unbeatable. ¥288 (100 grams)

Biryani set
This set lets you make Biryani, an Indian rice dish cooked with various ingredients. It comes with an original Ohtsuya recipe. A set of Basmati rice, cinnamon, cumin, cardamon, red pepper powder, cinnamon leaf, and coriander powder. ¥1565


6-4-13 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3834-4077
Open: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Wednesday

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