[Tokyo] Heading to a town bistro that attracts long stays

[Tokyo] Heading to a town bistro that attracts long stays


[Tokyo] Kagurazaka, a place you'll be glad you came!

On your days off, you might want to relax your mind, not just your body.
If so, let's head to Kagurazaka and look for some good places to enjoy.
We'll stroll up the sloped street filled with atmoshphere and stop by some shrines and temples.
We can see a movie, do some shopping, and just go with the flow of our mood.
Then when you finish with something good to eat, you should be feeling as good as new again.

[Tokyo] Heading to a town bistro that attracts long stays

There are lots of French restaurants in Kagurazaka. It's nice to go to a high-class place sometimes, but when you want to go more often, it's better to go to one that is more casual and relaxing. We'll tell you about some places that are recommended by locals with discerning tastes and French people who live here.

For a fun, delicious, happy time
Brasserie Gus

You want to have a tasty meal, and if possible at a nice price. Well, in that case we recommend this place without hesitation. For dinner, all courses are ¥2980. One nice touch here is that you can freely choose your appetizer, main dish, and dessert from a selection of around 10 for each category. The most popular item is the beef cheek braised in red wine. The texture of the meat seems to melt in your mouth, and the flavor that emerges the more you chew is exquisite. On the wine list are 30 types of wine, all from France and at reasonable prices, giving you a sense of the chef's enthusiasm.

The beef cheek that has been simmered in red wine for 3 hours goes extremely well with mashed potatoes.

The red checkered tablecloths are impressive. They are also often used at restaurants in France.

Lots of champagne and wine bottles adorn shelves in the restaurant.

A cozy restaurant with a total of 24 seats

Wine lined up on a shelf. "If the meals are reasonable, charging high prices for wine is out of the question," says Arai-san. It's nice to be able to enjoy carefully selected wine and not worry about the price.

Takashi Arai, the owner-chef, trained at numerous restaurants before opening this one 20 years ago.

Brasserie Gus

82 Yarai-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Tel: 03-3268-7157
Open: 11:30-14:30 (last orders 13:30)
18:00-22:30 (last orders 21:00)
Closed: Sundays

Enjoy the flavor of authentic Breton galette

Traditional cuisine and galette buckwheat flour from the Bretagne region on the peninsula in northwestern France. At this restaurant you can enjoy authentic galette made by a specialist known as an Artisan Kurepie who has undergone considerable training. Complète au jambon cru, made with eggs and uncured ham, is especially popular among the 10 or so items on the lunch menu. The galette dough has a crispy part and a moist part, giving it an enjoyable contrast in texture.

Inside the shop is a relaxing atmosphere that might bring you back to Medieval times.

Mr. Clemon, a veteran galette crêpe chef from Bretagne

Galette classique with salad ¥1463. For your drink with the lunch set you could choose a cider that is well known in Bretagne.

Door knob in the shape of a wooden shoe


4-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku
Tel: 03-3235-3001
Open: Tuesday to Saturday 11:30-23:00 (last orders 22:30)
Sundays and public holidays 11:30-22:30 (last orders 22:00)
Closed: Monday

A place to enjoy champagne
numéro cinq

In Kagurazaka where there are many wine bars, this is a quiet champagne bar with a sense of presence. It is known among champagne lovers as the place to go if you want to enjoy a variety of good champagnes at reasonable prices. Since there is also a good selection of wines, you could have your toast with champagne, and then let your second round be a glass of wine, or wherever your mood takes you. They of course also serve dinner, so you could relax over some champagne or wine beforehand, since the price per glass starts from just ¥990.

Angus skirt steak (200g) is very nice with fruity balsamic sauce. A heap of fried potatoes with sour cream on the side is also a delight. A champagne called Veuve Rayer Brut (¥990/glass) would go well with this. The emerging nuance of Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing.

The crowns of champagne bottles are also part of the interior.

numéro cinq

ASK Bldg. 1F, 4-1 Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Tel: 03-6228-1596
Open: Monday to Saturday 16:00-25:00
Sundays & public holidays 16:00-24:00
Open every day

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