Must-Visit Spots! Staple Osaka Cuisine and Experiences

Must-Visit Spots! Staple Osaka Cuisine and Experiences

絶対行きたい! 体験もできる大阪名物グルメスポット

Osaka is known as a city of food. Osaka has been a distribution base since long ago and is called the “kitchen of Japan,” gathering various food products from throughout Japan and around the world. Because of such a background, the people of Osaka love to eat. There is even a word for “using too much money on food and becoming broke,” or “kuidaore.” The people of Osaka are very interested in good food, so step one foot in the city and you will find a huge variety of different food joints. You will probably not know what to eat and where to start.

Osaka is a city of merchants, so the cheaper that good food can be found the better. One example is “konamono,” a category of dishes using flour which spread widely during the time of food shortage after World War II. Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, udon, and others are dishes enjoyed around the country, but they are also known as comfort foods of Osaka, and many famous restaurants can be found in the city.

Even within the “konamono” category, the people of Osaka especially love “takoyaki.” Flour is beat and poured into water or dashi, then chunks of octopus are added and cooked. It is topped with sauce and aonori when eaten. It’s a simple dish, but each restaurant has their own doneness, toppings, and sauces. There are so many varieties of takoyaki that you can enjoy in Osaka, so much so that some people will walk around and eat just takoyaki. The staff will make the takoyaki for you at most places, but at “Takoyaki Dokoro Takonotetsu” in Umeda, visitors can cook takoyaki themselves. It might seem difficult at first, but the staff will help you out, so we recommend giving it a try.

If you’re going to visit “Expo Commemoration Park,” one of Osaka’s greatest tourist attractions, we recommend the “Country Ma’am FACTORY” located in “EXPOCITY.” Being able to eat fresh-made “Country Ma’am,” a cookie representative of Japan, is appealing, but this is also the only place in Japan where you can experience making your own original Country Ma’am cookies. How about arranging the shape and toppings of a cookie to make your very own Country Ma’am? Since you’re in Osaka, the city of food, instead of just eating delicious food you can also make some great memories by experiencing creating some yourself.

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