Full of Kawaii! Photogenic Osaka Cuisine

Full of Kawaii! Photogenic Osaka Cuisine

カワイイがいっぱい! フォトジェニックな大阪グルメ

Many people may picture flashing signs and a chaotic cityscape when thinking of Osaka. A large appeal of Osaka is that tourists can have a look into the daily lives of the locals living in such an environment. On the other hand, thanks to redevelopment, skyscrapers like Abeno Harukas and Umeda Sky Building have been established, and visitors can also enjoy attractions ahead of the time. You can also learn about the history of the long-prospering city at Osaka Castle, Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, and other historical buildings. Amerikamura has trending apparel and foods. As you can see, Osaka has various attractions to offer.

Another great aspect of Osaka is that you will find many great scenic views in the city. Just walk around with a camera hanging from your neck and you’re sure to find something you want to capture in a photo. You can find sakura cherry blossoms in full bloom at Osaka Castle, the lit-up Tsutenkaku, sizzling okonomiyaki on an iron plate, and a large crab-shaped object decorating the front of a shop. Osaka is a city perfect for pictures. Upload a photo of the Osaka cityscape or an interesting item you found and you’re sure to get a whole lot of likes.

“Kawaii” items are sure to make you want to take some photos. Carefully designed “kawaii” sweets, in particular, are not only delicious, but great to enjoy with your eyes. When talking of Osaka cuisine, “konamono” like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, and udon with dashi are well-known, but Osaka actually has many kawaii sweets to offer as well.

Pancakes at “BROTHERS Cafe” in Namba are popular. The “Spoon De Taberu Pancake” (Pancake Eaten With a Spoon) is especially appealing for its colorfulness from its ingredients. “NORTHSHORE” has a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes. We recommend the vegetable-full lunch plate and acai bowl. Both shops have put effort into their interior decorations and tableware, and you are going to want to take photos from various angles.

Osaka is also a city of water, surrounded by rivers that flow into Osaka Bay, and has many parks and green spaces. Ordering some kawaii food to-go and enjoying a picnic surrounded by the rich nature of Japan might be another great and unique style of sightseeing.

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