Check out the Forefront of Stylish Osaka

Check out the Forefront of Stylish Osaka


The Nishishinsaibashi area in Chuo Ward of Osaka has countless clothing shops, variety stores, and cafes targeted at the younger generation. This area is often called “Amerikamura.” If the young people of Tokyo gather in Shibuya and Harajuku, those of Osaka gather in Amerikamura. The region is the center of fashion and trends in Osaka, and attracts young people who are sensitive to unique shops and the latest fads. With unique originally-designed streetlamps and wall paintings, the artistic townscape is exciting just to walk through. The symbol of Amerikamura, “Sankaku Koen,” is always bustling with young people, and various events are held irregularly. Also, concerts by young artists are held night after night at the over 20 venues in Amerikamura. The area has produced some famous performers as well.

Street food like Amerikamura’s signature “Long Soft-Serve Ice Cream” and Osaka’s comfort food “takoyaki” can also be found here. At the “Totti Candy Factory,” you can enjoy a cute cotton candy made by candy craftsmen. Another good point is that well-known restaurants like “Daruma,” famous for its kushikatsu, and “Hokkyokusei,” the birthplace of omurice, are located nearby. The mecca of comedy in Osaka, “Namba Grand Kagetsu” is not far off either. The Amerikamura area has so much to offer that you can spend a whole day here.

Standing out even within Amerikamura is “Alice on Wednesday,” which opened in 2014. It’s a candy and variety goods shop themed around “Alice in Wonderland.” Visitors can immerse themselves in Alice’s world while choosing from many adorable candies and accessories. Also, “Standard Bookstore” is known as a unique bookstore. Their motto is to “not handle bestsellers,” and they have an assortment of books that the shop truly recommends. There is a connected cafe which is great for drinking coffee while you take your time choosing some books.

Amerikamura is a place where you can enjoy the “now” of Osaka, from shopping and food to culture and entertainment. We highly recommend stopping by when sightseeing in Osaka. From Nishishinsaibashi to Namba is an area where you can easily access popular attractions like Tsutenkaku and Osaka Castle, so you could also consider choosing it as the base of your Osaka trip.

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