Experience Japanese Trends! A Course to Try High-Quality Beauty Treatment and Look Great

Experience Japanese Trends! A Course to Try High-Quality Beauty Treatment and Look Great

日本のトレンドを体験! ハイクオリティな美容技術を体験して可愛くなるコース

The word “kawaii” has spread across the globe as an adjective to describe Japan. In fact, many women in Japan are fashionable and care about their hairstyles and nails and all the details. Some of you might want to try out the cutting-edge beauty technology when visiting Tokyo. The areas where tourists can feel Tokyo’s world-renowned “kawaii” culture most closely are actually mostly gathered from the Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama area, where you will find Laforet HARAJUKU, to the Roppongi, Azabu, and Hiroo area. Hair salons handle almost everything related to “beauty.” Popular hair salons are especially concentrated in the Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama area. Many people visit here from afar in search of beauty.

More and more hair salons now offer not only haircuts and perm options, but also scalp care and eyelash extensions. You will even be able to ask for various types of eyelash extensions, such as braided, chip, seal, and ultrasonic. You can also ask for makeup of your liking, as well as nail care at the same time at some hair salons. If you are someone that isn’t very into eyelash extensions, you can try putting on a wig for a casual transformation.

We also recommend visiting a nail salon like many Japanese women and adding some cute decorations to your nails. You can have your nails done by a professional with natural nail polish, or transform your nails to your liking with the popular gel nail polish. You might even want to try some impressive sculptured nails! If you want long nails but your nails aren’t very strong, we recommend sculptured nails. If you’re using gel nail polish, you should be careful not to peel it off yourself even if it starts to come off.

You might also want to try some options at a Japanese beauty salon that aren’t offered in your home country. How about trying ultrasonic face treatment, carbonated spring face packs, or go on a diet and try cellulite slim? Depending on the service, Japanese beauty salons have become more reasonably priced than before. The technology and safety of Japanese beauty salons are guaranteed, so we recommend you try it out.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite hairstyle and nails, you should head to Laforet HARAJUKU, the center of fashion trends, to choose your favorite clothes. Here, you can try out some exotic fashion styles that you might not find in your home country. Change into those clothes that you’ve been wanting to try and transform your whole fashion style! Pretend you are in a movie, and enjoy your time in your trendy Japanese clothes.

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