Hokkaido - If Purchasing in Sapporo! Recommended Souvenirs

Hokkaido - If Purchasing in Sapporo! Recommended Souvenirs

北海道 - 札幌で買うなら!おすすめのおみやげまとめ

We’ve selected five especially popular souvenir sweets from Hokkaido. These sweets are popular among not only tourists, but among the Hokkaido locals as well. They are all amazing choices that we can recommend with confidence. YOSHIMI’s “Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitoukibi” is a snack that is a combination of a soy sauce flavored okaki and dried corn. The salty okaki and sweet corn go great together! “Sapporo Curry Senbei Karikari Mada Aru?” has a savory slightly spicy flavor that goes well with the taste of the mixed shrimp. Both are individually wrapped and last for a long time, so they are great as souvenirs for your workplace.

Old-established Western sweets shop “Morimoto” has a shop in Sapporo Esta that offers exclusive sweets that make great rare souvenirs. The “Gorogoro Ichigono Hoseki Tart” is a cheese tart with beautiful gem-like strawberries on top. The “Gateau Tiramisu” is a chocolate tiramisu that lets the eater enjoy a combination of chocolate and mascarpone cheese. The Sapporo Esta store is connected directly to JR Sapporo Station, so being easy to purchase is a plus as well.

“Kakasha,” located nearby the Susukino intersection, is famous for its “Sapporo Times Square.” With custard cream inside a soft sponge cake, it is large and very filling. Other than custard cream, they also offer “Azuki,” which lets the eater enjoy anko made from Hokkaido azuki with custard cream, as well as “Cheese & Maple.” The cakes can be purchased starting from one cake, so buying several flavors and making an assorted souvenir is a good idea as well.

The “Sapporo Poppuna Caramelizer” is a new Sapporo snack that won the grand prize of the Sapporo Sweets 2014 Baked Sweets category. It is based on inflated germinated brown rice, or popped rice, and topped with caramel, white chocolate, and sweet and sour freeze-dry strawberries. The snack is designed with the image of a snow-covered road. The popped rice has a very light texture, and you will be able to enjoy it as a quick snack.

The Hokkaido locals are familiar with confections by Senshuan. Of the many that they produce, “Northman” is a long-selling product that has been available for over 40 years. The cake has inside it koshian (smooth red bean paste) made from Hokkaido azuki, and is a combination of Western-style and Japanese-style sweets. It has a mildly sweet and nostalgic taste. They also sell a pumpkin-flavored Northman, so you might want to try comparing the tastes as well.

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