Hokkaido - Easy to Access! Spots to Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding in Sapporo

Hokkaido - Easy to Access! Spots to Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding in Sapporo

北海道 - アクセス抜群!札幌市内でスキー・スノーボーディングが楽しめるスポット

When the winter season comes along, many people will start thinking of going outside and enjoying some snow sports. If you’re going to try snow sports in Japan, we recommend Hokkaido over anywhere else by far. Even around the Sapporo area, which is relatively easy to get around, there are many spots to enjoy genuine snow sports! We’ll be introducing some of these spots that can be found near Sapporo. As long as you stay in the Sapporo area, you will be able to enjoy snow sports and sightseeing together.

There are a few reasons that Hokkaido is perfect for winter sports. First, the snow quality is better than snow found on the main island of Honshu. The latitude and elevation also help to make it easier to enjoy, and it is even said that “you will be under an illusion that your skill has improved if you ski/snowboard in Hokkaido.” If you’re looking for high-quality snow without having to go all the way to Europe, Hokkaido is perfect. Since the snow quality is so good, the edges of your gear will easily move into the snow, and turning becomes easy. Visitors can even use the course that was used in the 1972 Sapporo Olympics, as well as the venue that will be used for the 8th Sapporo Asian Winter Games on days other than the duration of the event (Monday, February 19, 2017, to Sunday, February 26, 2017). On the powder snow in Hokkaido, you will be able to enjoy a unique skiing or snowboarding experience different from usual.

The second reason is that the population density is low. The grounds are vast, so the number of people skiing or snowboarding is also sparse. You won’t feel any stress from waiting for a lift or bumping into someone else, and be able to enjoy the ski resort to the fullest. However, there is a downside to this as well. There may be times that the low population density can be frightening. For example, if the ski area is hit by a snowstorm and you can’t see in front of you, you should get to the bottom of the course as soon as possible.

The third reason is the wide variety of courses that are available. Not only are there courses to enjoy with your children, but also many that will satisfy those who are at the intermediate and advanced levels. At Teine Ski Resort, “backcountry skiing,” or skiing outside of courses is permitted. If you have confidence in your skill and physical strength, you might want to try it out. Other than skiing and snowboarding, we also recommend trying activities that you might not find every day, such as cross-country, snowshoes, and snow tubing.

After you’ve enjoyed the snow, coming back to your hotel to enjoy Hokkaido cuisine should sound great. Other than the lodges, there aren’t many restaurants around ski resorts, so you can end early and return to Sapporo or stay at a nearby hotel. Make sure you protect yourself against the cold, be careful of the weather, and enjoy winter sports in Hokkaido!

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