Hokkaido - Satisfied From Morning to Night. Enjoy Sapporo on a 2-Day Trip!

Hokkaido - Satisfied From Morning to Night. Enjoy Sapporo on a 2-Day Trip!

北海道 - 朝から夜まで大満足。1泊2日で札幌の魅力を堪能しよう!

Sapporo is a major base for sightseeing in Hokkaido. It functions as a metropolis while also having magnificent natural landscapes right nearby. The city even has a somewhat calm side. There are various stylish cafes and restaurants to enjoy fresh seafood and other cuisines, as well as historical buildings and tourist attractions.

If you’re going to go on a 2-day trip to Sapporo, how about first stopping by a locally popular sandwich shop? “Saera” is best known for its sandwiches that use red king crab. There is so much crab meat in between the soft bread to make you full. You can also order sandwiches to-go, so you can enjoy eating outside if you’re visiting in a season other than winter.

If you’re going to eat a sandwich outside, we recommend going to Odori Park, located right by “Saera.” Many locals and tourists relax at Odori Park. Here, summer festivals and a beer garden are held in the summer, and the Munich Christmas Market and Snow Festival in the winter. It’s an event revenue representative of Hokkaido, always bustling with people. There are various shopping spots along Odori, but if you want to stop to take a break in between your exploring, how about heading to “Peche Grand” located in Akarenga Terrace? “Peche Grand” is a chic cafe restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals in a French style. You will be able to spend some quality time while enjoying a dish full of ingredients from Hokkaido.

If you’re going to stay a night in central Sapporo, we recommend “Cross Hotel Sapporo,” which is known for its stylish design and hospitality. There is a view bath on the top floor, where you can sit back and relax while enjoying the beautiful night view of Sapporo. You will be able to start off your day with a breakfast buffet that offers both Western and Japanese dishes prepared from various Hokkaido ingredients.

If you’ve enjoyed central Sapporo to your heart’s extent, you can go a little farther out to visit the “Shiroi Koibito Park.” Here you can watch the production line of “Shiroi Koibito.” The park also has other various facilities like a snack-making workshop, a cafe, and a display area. You will also find many “Shiroi Koibito” themed goods, so don’t forget to purchase some souvenirs.

When in Hokkaido, we especially would like to recommend trying some delicious uni sea urchin. Of the many restaurants, “Hakodate Uni Murakami Nihon Seimei Sapporo Building Store” is a Japanese cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy rich additive-free uni. Please do try the Hokkaido-exclusive creamy sweet uni. It will melt in your mouth.

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