Hokkaido - An Onsen Hot Spring to Relax and Enjoy the Snow View of Sapporo

Hokkaido - An Onsen Hot Spring to Relax and Enjoy the Snow View of Sapporo

北海道 - 旅の疲れを癒せる、札幌で雪景色が楽しめる温泉

About an hour from Sapporo by car is Jozankei Onsen, located within Shikotsu-Toya National Park. This hot spring was found by the Shugendo monks with the guidance of the Ainu in 1866. Being a representative hot spring town of Hokkaido, Jozankei boasts numerous free footbaths and hand baths, as well as an onsen tegata for enjoying hot springs of various hotels. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful views like the Shiraito Falls and the Futami Suspension Bridge along with the onsen hot springs.

If you want to experience a Japanese-style facility and hospitality, we recommend the “Nukumori No Yado Furukawa.” The view bath on the eighth floor uses old wood and large stones for an impressive design. You will be able to enjoy the onsen hot springs to your heart’s extent, as the facility offers an “open-air bath” where you can enjoy the natural surroundings of the seasons, the “Yomogi Neyu” which uses dried mugwort, and a “reserved hinoki bath” or “reserved hot stone sauna” for relaxing with friends or family. The food offered specializes in Japanese cuisine, and is prepared with fresh seafood and vegetables from Hokkaido. There are other attractions like the “Gallery Kura” located in the lounge with a fireplace, where paintings and sculptures by artists from Hokkaido are on display. Here, you will be able to enjoy great onsen hot springs and food, feel the hospitality of the staff, and spend some quality time.

“Hanamomiji” is a Japanese-style ryokan located on the main street of Jozankei. It’s a large old-established ryokan that has banquet halls and a souvenir shop. The spacious facility is great for both children and adults to sit back and relax. There are two large public baths and three reserved baths. The onsen hot springs have special spring qualities and all use water directly from the source. From the view bath on the twelfth floor, guests can enjoy overlooking a view of Jozankei that changes through the seasons. Also, a view of the mountains of Jozankei can be seen from all guest rooms. The food that is served is mainly Japanese cuisine using in-season ingredients from Hokkaido and prepared carefully by a chef. The ryokan is a great place to enjoy onsen and food together with the beautiful scenery of Jozankei.

“Jozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei” is a hot-spring hotel perfect for spending a special occasion with someone special. The facility offers a rich spring quality which blends three different sources, as well as attentive hospitality. More than half of the guest rooms draw hot water from a source, and you can enjoy bathing in an onsen hot spring in your room. Visiting multiple types of hot springs, such as the open-air bath using hinoki and nanseki (soft stone), an indoor bath reminiscent of an old spa using water directly from a hot spring source, and a reserved bath, is also popular. Within the facility, you will also find a large Japanese garden, a gallery, banquet halls, and a karaoke box. It’s a hotel that can be enjoyed in various ways by all.

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