Hokkaido - Enjoy on a One-Day Trip. Specialty Local Foods & Tourist Attractions in Sapporo

Hokkaido - Enjoy on a One-Day Trip. Specialty Local Foods & Tourist Attractions in Sapporo

北海道 - 日帰りで楽しめる。札幌で味わう名物グルメ&観光名所

The city of Sapporo has various specialty dishes using Hokkaido-exclusive ingredients as well as many tourist attractions. We will be introducing three spots that will be important for sightseeing when going on a day trip to Sapporo. Hokkaido is a treasure house of fresh seafood, and one product you especially don’t want to miss is crab. “Sapporo Kaniya Sapporo Main Branch” luxuriously makes use of plenty of it. They have many different dishes to offer, but the “kanisuki,” using a secret soup stock, is a signature dish. Other than that, they have hot pot dishes like “kanishabu,” and you can enjoy different ways of eating crab.

The restaurant also handles a wide range of crab types, such as snow crab, red king crab, and horsehair crab, and visitors can try comparing the tastes of each. Recommended is the full course meal, which allows you to enjoy the flavor of crab to the fullest, from crab shell to crab fat. Large parties can also enjoy dinner here, so we recommend making a reservation and taking your time savoring the crab dishes.

Speaking of sightseeing spots in Sapporo, the first to come to mind is the “Sapporo Clock Tower.” It’s located near Odori Park and is easy to access. The building has continued to tell the history of pioneering in Hokkaido. The Sapporo Clock Tower was built in 1878 to be used by Agricultural School students for training and ceremonies. It’s a representative building of Meiji Western-style wooden architecture, and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.

Generally, tourists will take photos in front of the clock tower, but the inside is a museum and you can have a look inside. Locals hold concerts and other events at the hall on the second floor. The Sapporo Clock Tower has been in existence since over 130 years ago, and is Japan’s oldest clock tower. Even today a bell is rung every hour, and the sounds of the bell and the tower itself continue to be loved by the locals.

Sapporo is full of delicious foods like seafood, ramen, and jingisukan, but the city also boasts many famous soup curry restaurants. Their products are prepared with plenty of fresh vegetables. Of the many popular restaurants, “Picante,” located in front of Sapporo Station, is renowned for its spice-full soup curry. Here you can choose your soup from four daily changing soups, your main ingredient, the spiciness, and toppings to your liking. There are endless flavors that you can enjoy depending on the combination. There is a wide variety of main ingredients to choose from, such as soft stewed chicken leg, stewed beef tendon from Hokkaido, and premier maitake made with maitake from Aibetsu, Hokkaido. The soup curry, with large ingredients and an exotic scent, is loved by the locals as well.

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