A Photogenic “Kawaii” Japanese Gourmet Course

A Photogenic “Kawaii” Japanese Gourmet Course


When speaking of Japanese food, most people will probably think of sushi and ramen. However, in recent years there has been a rise in restaurants and cafes that offer photogenic dishes that represent Japan’s “kawaii” culture.

Cafes with a completely different world expanding inside are a trend in Japan. Kawaii Monster Cafe is a colorful and cute cafe with an interior that will boggle your mind. One step inside and you will be struck by a very strange feeling. The presence of the walls and the sofas are incredible, and just being there excites your five senses. The cafe offers kawaii dishes, as well as genuine cuisine. It’s a spot you want to take your time to enjoy.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe isn’t the only fascinating kawaii cafe in existence. The cafes in which visitors can enjoy the worlds of Alice in Wonderland and Moomin are also popular. Getting immersed in the world of fairy tales is a lot of fun. Cafes in Japan are not just “kawaii.” Many are also picky about the natural ingredients that they use, and have a reputation for being quite tasty. Even just a normal latte often has a cute design, so you might be feeling lucky.

Even the candy that you casually eat without giving much thought transforms into a trendy cute treat in Japan. On top of the great taste, many types of candy are designed with detail and entertain the eyes as well. You will even find anime characters and words of thanks inside candy. Candy is a reasonable option for souvenirs, so you can please your friends by bringing home a bulk purchase. Words of various languages are written on the candy, so you might choose some that have words of your language. Even the interior of a shop is like a magical land made of candy, and you will be wanting to touch the decorations. We recommend stopping by for the experience of wandering into a fairy tale-like world.

Cute animal-shaped cakes, donuts, and parfaits are also popular in Japan. Some cakes take the shapes of pandas and bears, and are too cute to eat. As part of the Japanese “kawaii” trend, many cafes and candy shops have pursued cuteness in their products. On top of that, they are careful in choosing their ingredients, and realize a gentle LOHAS taste. You are sure to find something that you like. Other than the shops we introduced, we recommend stopping by whatever cafe that your heart takes you to. Your “kawaii” photo uploads are sure to be envied by your friends back home.

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