A Nagoya Cuisine Walk-And-Eat Course

A Nagoya Cuisine Walk-And-Eat Course


Nagoya is famous not only for its sightseeing spots like Nagoya Castle, but also as a city of delicious food. A different food culture from that of Tokyo has developed in the form of hitsumabushi, miso katsu, chicken wings, miso oden (doteyaki), uiro, and more. The most notable difference is that a red-colored miso is used for flavoring in Nagoya.

The unique types of miso in Nagoya, such as “akadashi miso” and “aka miso,” are called “Hatcho miso.” To be specific, it is said that “Hatcho miso” refers to the red miso created at “Kakukyu” and “Maruya,” two miso storehouses in Okazaki, Aichi. This “Hatcho miso” has a richer and deeper flavor than normal miso. Hatcho miso is often used in miso soup, a traditional Japanese comfort food, and is widely loved by many in Nagoya and the Chubu region.

The famous miso katsu and miso oden (doteyaki) are Nagoya favorites that use this red miso. Miso katsu, covered in misodare sauce, looks as if it has a strong flavor at a glance, but it actually is mild and salty-sweet. Miso oden, a dish with konnyaku and other ingredients in miso-flavored soup, is also something we recommend tasting. The popular miso-flavored nikomi udon also uses this red miso. When visiting Nagoya, you may be surprised by the number of miso-flavored dishes.

If you’ve eaten unagi before, but never had hitsumabushi, we highly recommend tasting it when visiting Nagoya. Unlike unaju, hitsumabushi can be eaten in three different ways. First, eat it as it is, second, eat it with yakumi seasonings, and third, eat it as ochazuke (rice in soup). You will be able to enjoy different flavors than usual, especially when you eat hitsumabushi as ochazuke. Hitsumabushi is a dish that was born in Nagoya, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to try it.

We also recommend eating the popular chicken wings. Chicken wings in Nagoya are pretty spicy and go along well with sake. There are many other dishes in Nagoya that have a strong flavor and go well with sake, so if you’re a sake lover, the city may be heaven for you. As for souvenirs, how about getting some of the famous Nagoya uiro? It looks like a yokan, but uiro is made from rice, and is refreshing and not too sweet. It is a product great for everyone.

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