Day-Trips OK! A Route For Fantastic Otaru Cityscapes & Sweets

Day-Trips OK! A Route For Fantastic Otaru Cityscapes & Sweets

日帰りでもOK! 小樽の情緒あふれる街並み&スイーツ堪能ルート

Otaru is known as one of Hokkaido’s best sightseeing cities. Most people will probably first think of the Otaru Canal. Along the Otaru Canal, where small ships full of cargo used to come and go, stand historical brick buildings. These buildings are used in various ways, such as souvenir shops, a concert hall, a museum, and an art hall. Tourists stroll around the area enjoying the different charms of each of the buildings. After sundown, the gas lamps light up the stone pavement, and you will feel as if you have wandered into a port city of 100 years ago. The cityscape seen from a cruiser on the water is also an amazing sight.

If you go a little ways to the suburbs, you will find many sightseeing spots such as the Port of Otaru, which has prospered as the center of distribution of Hokkaido since long ago, and the relaxing Asarigawa Onsen. Visitors can also enjoy one of the Three Great Hokkaido Night Views, Mt. Tengu, which also earned one star on the Michelin Green Guide Japan. The suburbs offer many winter sports, cruising, and other fun activities.

One of the reasons for Otaru’s high popularity is its convenience. The city can be reached in about 30 minutes from Sapporo on a rapid train, or in about an hour by car. Most of the major sightseeing spots are gathered close together, so visitors can enjoy Otaru even on a day-trip from Sapporo. There are also many means of transportation in the city, such as rental bikes, trains, buses, and taxis.

When visiting Otaru on a day-trip, we recommend trying out the various gourmet dishes. Otaru is known as a city of sushi, blessed with many local marine products. Over 100 sushi joints can be found within the city, and there is even a street with the name “Sushiya-dori Street.” Here visitors can enjoy great sushi for a reasonable price. There are also countless old-established restaurants, fancy wine cafes, and unique food joints. How about enjoying a walk-and-eat stroll while admiring the beautiful cityscape?

The sweets of Otaru are especially gaining popularity in recent years. Confectioneries in Otaru offer items that use the local dairy products and fresh seasonal fruits. The delicious products will relieve you of all your tiredness. Visitors can enjoy the popular cream zenzai at “Otaru Amato,” which is a 4-minute walk from Otaru Station, stroll around the city, then head to “Otaru LeTAO Main Shop” to enjoy the Double Fromage at the cafe on the second floor. You will also want to purchase a pudding of your liking at “Pudding Un Delice” and eat it while gazing at the canal... Such a sweets-filled trip might be a good idea too.

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