Get in Touch With Nature and Animals. Experience Hokkaido-Exclusive Activities!

Get in Touch With Nature and Animals. Experience Hokkaido-Exclusive Activities!

自然や動物と触れ合える 北海道でしかできないアクティビティを体験!

  • Hokkaido is known best for its magnificent natural landscapes. Nature-rich environments inhabited by various wild animals can be found at the World Heritage-listed Shiretoko, as well as the six national parks within Hokkaido, such as Daisetsuzan.

  • Hokkaido is also often associated with cold weather, but the prefecture is unique for having four distinct seasons as well. Beautiful flowers bloom in the spring, there are many cool and clear sunny days in the summer, autumn leaves color the mountains in the fall, and everything is covered in snow in the winter. Hokkaido offers different fascinating views through the seasons, and is a place you will want to visit regardless of the time of year. When sightseeing in Hokkaido, of course, you might be satisfied just with the amazing views, but we also recommend including some Hokkaido-exclusive activities.

  • At various locations around Hokkaido, there are many activities that you can take part in while enjoying the seasonal beauties of nature. Many activities are things that you would not usually be able to experience in daily life. Snow activities in the high-quality snow of Hokkaido are popular in the winter. Other than skiing and snowboarding, you can speed across the snow on a snowmobile, stroll around the snowfield and enjoy the view on snowshoes, or slide down slopes at high speed on an airboard. In recent years, activities like riding a dogsled or even walking across drift ice have gathered attention. Walking on top of drift ice that has floated across the Sea of Okhotsk or speeding around a vast plain on a dogsled are experiences you can only find in Hokkaido. You are sure to be able to make some great memories.

  • During the snowless season, you can enjoy overlooking the land from above by paragliding or riding a hot-air balloon. You can also enjoy water sports such as canoeing and rafting, or do some trekking in the mountains or horse riding on the plains. In particular, it can be said that horse riding and horse trekking are activities exclusive to Hokkaido. The prefecture is known as a major production area of riding horses, and many horse-related activities are offered in various locations. Taking a stroll on the back of a horse while admiring the trees and flowers and listening to the music of the birds is something you won’t forget.

  • Also, even within Japan, Hokkaido has a unique historical landscape, and there are still many historic spots that remain. The Goryokaku in Hakodate, as well as Hokkaido’s only Japanese-style castle, Matsumae Castle (Fukuyama Castle), and the surrounding remains are spots that directly convey the history of Hokkaido. Visitors can also experience dressing in kimonos. If you walk around thinking about the life of the people of the past, you might be able to see a different side of the city.

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