Famous Film Settings Are Here. Enjoy Shooting Locations

Famous Film Settings Are Here. Enjoy Shooting Locations


  • One of the best parts of sightseeing in Hokkaido is enjoying great views, such as the night view from Mt. Hakodate, the Shiretoko Goko lakes, and the drift ice on the Sea of Okhotsk. These beautiful locations are perfect for filming locations for movies and dramas, and many famous works have been filmed in Hokkaido until now.
    For that reason, it isn’t unusual for tourists to be touring Hokkaido for the purpose of visiting the filming locations of their favorite film. To be able to include the setting of your favorite movie in the memories of your trip truly is a wonderful thing. In the same way that Odori Park, a popular tourist spot in Sapporo, was the filming location for the Taiwanese drama “Die Sterntaler,” there has been a rising number of overseas movies, dramas, and anime with settings in Hokkaido. Thus there has also been an increase in tourists from overseas visiting various filming locations.

  • Hokkaido became a craze in China due to the big hit of the movie “If You Are the One.” Charter flights to Kushiro Airport were increased so that tourists could visit the filming location, Cape Notoro, and it is said that the people involved were greatly surprised. Film works with settings in Hokkaido were created in Korea and Taiwan time and again as well. Even more excitement is expected.
    There is a sightseeing spot that has revived, benefiting from this new way of travelling involving visiting filming locations. This spot is “Banei Tokachi Obihiro Horse Race Track.” It was the setting of the Japanese movie “Silver Spoon,” a film based on a popular manga of the same name. Traditional Hokkaido Banei horse racing, in which large horses pull sleds, is held here. It was once rumored that the facility would be closed due to financial difficulties, but it has escaped its crisis thanks to many fans of the film and other tourists visiting, and has now become a popular sightseeing spot.

  • However, Banei Tokachi did not become a popular tourist attraction just because it was the setting of a movie. It was already attractive as a sightseeing spot, but few tourists visited because it was little-known. If it weren’t originally a fascinating location, there would be no reason for it to be chosen as a filming location from the countless view spots and cultural facilities of Hokkaido. The movie is certainly a great film, but it is nothing more than an opportunity.

  • Therefore, it can be said that filming locations in Hokkaido always have something that fascinates people. How about visiting some filming locations and trying out this new way of traveling? You are sure to find new great appeals of the locations that you could not see through the television or movie screen.

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