From Staple Items to the Newest Trends. Enjoy Popular Sweets in Hokkaido

From Staple Items to the Newest Trends. Enjoy Popular Sweets in Hokkaido


  • Japan, long from north to south, has different climates depending on the region. Hokkaido is the largest and northernmost prefecture, and has a subtropical climate. The cool and vast land is fit for agriculture and dairy farming. There is a prospering production of dairy, rice, wheat, sugar beet, vegetables, and fruit, and the prefecture undertakes the role of Japan’s largest food storage warehouse. As ingredients for fresh sweets such as dairy products, eggs, wheat, and sugar are available just nearby, there is much production of Western-style sweets in Hokkaido. The prefecture boasts many delicacies that are loved by people from around the country. Even on a worldwide scale, it is said that the Japanese have a good and delicate taste in food.

  • This is because the Japanese have continued to express and enjoy the changing of the four seasons and its natural beauty with local ingredients in meals and sweets. There are many charming Western-style sweets in Japan that you can enjoy the different seasons with your eyes and taste buds. Here, we’ll be introducing some confectionery shops that offer great sweets for you to enjoy on the spot, take home for someone special, or bring home for yourself as a souvenir of your trip.

  • All of the shops were born in Hokkaido, and have been long loved by not only locals, but also by people from all over Japan. “Kitakaro” specializes in Western-style sweets. They offer various products, such as a flavorful cream puff, that impress even the locals of Hokkaido who are already used to enjoying delicious ingredients. The “Kitakaro Sapporo Honkan” store used to be a library, and was renovated and revived in the early 19th century by architect Tadao Ando. It’s a pleasant space where the past and the present come together.

  • “Mitsuboshi” is a long-established shop, founded in the late 19th century. In their products, they use fruit that can only be found in the local area. The founder’s nephew is Takiji Kobayashi, a modern Japanese author. He used to help with the store when he was a student. In addition to sweets, the shop offers various types of bread. The name “Rokkatei” comes from the Japanese word “rikka,” which means “snow crystal.”

  • It was the first confectionery company to make white chocolate in Japan. The white chocolate sweets are iconic of the brand. The secret for their unwavering popularity is their willingness to make continuous efforts to better the tastes of their already popular products. The shop also has a corner where customers can enjoy their sweets on the spot, as well as a cafe that offers store-exclusive items. We hope you enjoy the flavorful sweets of Hokkaido.

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