Direct connection from Tokyo station! Daimaru, enjoy your shopping comfortably without stress in Japan!

Direct connection from Tokyo station! Daimaru, enjoy your shopping comfortably without stress in Japan!

  • A department store located at Tokyo Station’s Yaesu exit, a gateway to Tokyo, is the Daimaru Tokyo store. Even more than 0 minute walk from the station, secrets to the store’s popularity is a wide range of lineup such as popular cosmetics, fashion brands, and gourmet foods in the depa-chika (basement food floor).


    Food shops on the department store’s basement floor are called “Depachika”. The foods of the shops from all over the country are all epicurean specialties. The Depachika is always full with shoppers looking for delicacies like a market.


    One reason why Daimaru is becoming more and more popular is that they have a wide array of ladies’ fashion items. You can find the styles that suit you the best here as there are plenty of unique brands offering products ranging from casual to high-fashion. You will be happy to see that there is a great number of wholly-owned outlets by popular Japanese brands as well. It is well worth coming to see for yourself as there are also items that you can only find in Japan!


    The cosmetics floor on the second floor is offering a full array of popular cosmetics brands from not just domestic makers but also overseas makers. You can shop efficiently because the shops are on the same floor.

    Cosmetics can be purchased using both QQ wallet and WeChat payments.


    Visit Daimaru if you want craftworks and furnishings that express Japan’s traditional beauty. We are offering an array of “masterpieces” that you cannot buy at airport souvenir shops etc. This is our faith and pride of the time-honored department store.


    Tokyu Hands brings together in one location rare items ranging from stationery to hobby goods that you can buy only at specialty shops. You’ll lose track of time just looking at a wide range of goods.


    Your strong shopping partner is a special shopping coupon for 5% off. Get this coupon at any duty-free counter of Daimaru or Matsuzakaya stores. Don’t forget to visit the counter again after enjoying shopping. You can apply for tax exemption for cosmetics, food products, and so on.


    Access to Daimaru Tokyo is convenient as it is directly connected to Tokyo Station, which is the center of transportation! Here, you can stop by to enjoy shopping and eating when you have spare time during your sightseeing so you can spend your short stay in Japan productively.


    1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

  • [B1, 1F] 10am to 9pm (Suturdays, Sundays, Holidays 10am to 8pm)
    [2F-11F] 10am to 8pm (Thursday, Friday 10am to 9pm)
    [12F] Restaurant 11am to 11pm
    [13F] Restaurant 11am to 0am

  • Source: metropolitana