How to Wear the Kimono Like a Pro: 3 Must-Know Rules

How to Wear the Kimono Like a Pro: 3 Must-Know Rules

How to Wear the Kimono Like a Pro: 3 Must-Know Rules

  • How many of you have worn a kimono before?
    Or maybe you are planning to experience wearing a kimono on your next trip to Japan?
    Whichever it is, you should read this article first!
    When talking about kimono, the first word that comes to mind is grace.
    However, the kimono is not a magical robe that can turn anyone into a graceful person.
    You have to wear it correctly and only then will it make you graceful.
    This article is a brief guide on how to wear the kimono correctly.
    I can assure you that by following these 3 simple rules, a kimono can make anyone look nice!

  • 1. Right Side First, Then Left Side

    This is the most common mistake made by the non-Japanese when wearing a kimono.
    When you are wearing a kimono, the left side should ALWAYS cover the right side.
    The left side of the kimono should show on the top while the right side stays underneath it as shown in the picture above.
    Why must this rule be followed?
    Well, in Japan, only corpses wear the kimono with the right side covering the left side.
    Thus, if you don’t want to be mistaken as the walking dead, please cover your body with the right side first, then the left.

  • 2. Leave Some Space Behind

    This is the next most common mistake made by first-timers when wearing a kimono.
    For ladies, the fundamental principle of wearing a kimono is to cover your body tightly.
    However, this rule does not apply to your neck.
    Ironically, you have to tug your collar a little bit to the back so that a part of your lower neck can be seen.
    But remember NOT to overdo it.
    You do not have to expose your whole sexy back.
    It will not only ruin the beauty of the kimono, but you will also get yourself embarrassed.

  • 3. Walk Slowly

    Walking is another aspect that you should pay attention to when you are walking on the street with your kimono on.
    When you are wearing a kimono, you should make sure that your feet are always kept close to each other.
    This is to help you walk gracefully since you will be taking small steps.
    Aside from that, you should also avoid walking too fast.
    It is such an anticlimax if you are dressed nicely but then walk like a beast.
    Remember, the kimono is all about grace and elegance.

  • These are the top 3 mistakes made by non-Japanese people when attempting to wear the kimono.
    The next time you are traveling to Japan and wearing a kimono, make sure you adhere to these 3 kimono rules.
    As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
    In this case, “When in Japan, do as the Japanese do!”