Cheers to movies and night views!

Cheers to movies and night views!


  • Vacationing in Toyosu

    This town faces Tokyo Bay and has canals that flow between high-rise buildings. It is one of the few areas in Tokyo where people and nature live in an attractive harmony. Public transport is extremely convenient. At the spur of the moment you can go on a cruise, have a picnic, enjoy sports, or relax with a night view. These are just some of the special experiences that Toyosu offers. When the weather is good, we invite you to come and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Toyosu!

  • Cheers to movies and night views!

  • The end of a day, go to a spot for adults.

    At the end of a day filled with fun, how about going to see a movie with some champagne or wine? The movie theater offers you premium pair seats where you can toast each other in the midst of night views from your seat. Let's enjoy some more of that special holiday feeling right up to the end.

    People who have purchased tickets for premium pair seats can use the premium lounge at the "Breeze Café & Bar Lounge" adjacent to the theater.

    Premium pair seats at all screens except the 4DX® screen (for two: ¥5000 on weekdays; ¥6000 on Sat., Sun., Holidays). You comfortably sit deep in the seats and your view of the screen is just right.

    Great seats for the best of friends at the movies.

    Movie theater on the 3rd floor of LaLaport Toyosu, equipped with the latest systems featuring 3D and 4DX® to let you enjoy the excitement of movies in a different way. There are 12 screens. A wide variety of movies are shown, for children and adults. Seats are extremely comfortable, and the sound is of a rich, high-grade ambience. It's a perfect way to become totally immersed in the movie.

    4DX® offers a new dimension of movie experience where the seats move and you feel the special effects of rain, wind, and so on.


    2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 0570-783-789

  • A spot for night views after the movie
    (Breeze Café & Bar Lounge)

    This café & bar is at the entrance to the movie theater. It offers a luxurious space just like the lounge of a hotel. The huge windows are filled with the view of Tokyo Bay, a beautiful scene that changes as the day gives way to night. Have a toast while the movie is still fresh with you and the two of you might feel closer, too! There are dessert cocktails as well as non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer not to drink.

    (Left) Champagne where the afterglow lingers for a long time. Lanson Black Label Brut ¥1435 (glass). (Right) Short cocktail made with raspberry and red wine. Breathe berry ¥1019.

    Counter seats near the entrance. This might be a nice spot to drop into before the movie.

    Cafe&Bar Lounge Breathe

    2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-6219-3002
    Open: 11:30-23:00 (last orders 22:00)
    Closed: No holidays (except for LaLaport Toyosu holidays)

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