Delicious meals while feeling the breeze

Delicious meals while feeling the breeze


  • Vacationing in Toyosu

    This town faces Tokyo Bay and has canals that flow between high-rise buildings. It is one of the few areas in Tokyo where people and nature live in an attractive harmony. Public transport is extremely convenient. At the spur of the moment you can go on a cruise, have a picnic, enjoy sports, or relax with a night view. These are just some of the special experiences that Toyosu offers. When the weather is good, we invite you to come and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Toyosu!

  • Delicious meals while feeling the breeze

    Feeling the breeze and looking up at the sky while you eat will give you a wonderful sense of being on holiday! Toyosu has many restaurants where you can enjoy the nature and beautiful surroundings of the area. We'll introduce you to some popular ones that have tables on a terrace outside. In this wonderful ambience you can enjoy an authentic American barbecue, deeply flavored Belgian beers, or topical Napolitan pizza.

    There are tables under tents or outdoors where you will feel a sense of freedom. Among high-rise buildings it's important to have space where you can relax away from your daily activities.

  • Barbecue café for enjoying authentic flavors

    Barbecues in Toyosu have been growing in popularity over the last few years. One engine of this trend has been the café inside WILDMAGIC. The tents set up among lines of trailers impart an American ambience. Besides authentic barbecues, for lunch you can treat yourself to a hamburger or a hotdog, and for dinner pros will prepare scrumptious meat dishes to perfection, and there's an à la carte menu as well.

    The Pit Boys steak plate, a steak inherited directly from "BBQ Pit Boys", said to be the god of barbecues in America, is ¥2500. The flavor of the meat is out of this world.
    Toward the back is an aurora salad with shrimp and avocado for ¥834.
    *The menu in the photo is available from 18:00. The garnishings with the steak may change.


    6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-6204-2831
    Open: 11:00-23:00 (last orders 22:00)
    Open every day

  • Belgian beer full of flavor

    (Left) Chocolate stout with a bitterness like chocolate ¥980. (Right) Celis White, a white beer with a refreshing citrus flavor ¥740. (Front) A dish with Belgian frites (Belgian fried potatoes) and sausages ¥1680. (Back) Domestic mussels steamed in white wine ¥1280.

    Inside LaLaport Toyosu, this specialty Belgian beer restaurant is at an excellent location with views over the bay from tables on a terrace. They serve not only draught beers but also over 100 varieties of directly imported bottled beer. Each one has its own bold character with a delicate flavor. We invite you to venture inside this rich Belgian world where you can also enjoy a refreshing breeze.

    Both tables and counters are available. You can also come just for a drink at the beer bar.


    2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-6910-1275
    Open: Mon.-Thurs. & Sun. 11:00-23:00 (Food last orders 22:00); Fri.-Sat. & days before holidays 11:00-26:00 (Food last orders 22:00)
    *Fri.-Sat. & days before holidays: Bar menu 22:00-24:00, drinks only from 24:00.
    Closed: No holidays (except for LaLaport Toyosu holidays)

  • Authentic ¥500 pizza

    From left: Limone with addictive sour lemon and bitter peel, Margarita with fresh basil flavor. ¥500 each.

    This restaurant has captured interest for its freshly cooked ¥500 Napolitan pizza that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They offer as many as 20 different kinds! Choose from Margarita, Salsiccia, Gorgonzola, and many more; if you can't make up your mind, order a few and share them with others in your group. The owner is from Hiroshima, so he also has a tempting à la carte menu of dishes made with lots of ingredients from his hometown.

    Refreshing MIYAJIMA Beer made with oranges grown in Hiroshima pairs very nicely with pizza. From left: Shamouti orange, Princess orange, and Blood orange. ¥880 each.

    Spacious lawn in front of the terrace tables, imparting a sense of freedom.


    1F City towers Toyosu the symbol
    3-6-8 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-5547-4407
    Open: 11:30-14:00 / 17:00-23:00
    Closed: Mondays

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