Let's get up and move our bodies!

Let's get up and move our bodies!


Vacationing in Toyosu

This town faces Tokyo Bay and has canals that flow between high-rise buildings. It is one of the few areas in Tokyo where people and nature live in an attractive harmony. Public transport is extremely convenient. At the spur of the moment you can go on a cruise, have a picnic, enjoy sports, or relax with a night view. These are just some of the special experiences that Toyosu offers. When the weather is good, we invite you to come and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Toyosu!

  • Let's get up and move our bodies!
    Challenging a variety of sports
    (Tatsumi Seaside Park)

    "Putter golf" where you advance by simply putting. You go around the course in a group of 4.

    Located not far from Toyosu in the direction of Tatsumi, the size of this park is about 170,000 square meters, 3.5 times the area of Tokyo Dome. The spacious grassy multi-purpose area is great for picnics or napping on the grass, and there's also plenty of space to do various sports with your friends. Work up a nice sweat and release yourself from the stress of daily life!

  • Do 8 kinds of new sports!

    "Free Tennis" - on a court 1/10th the size of a soft tennis court. Great to enjoy with your kids.

    "Disc Golf" - throw a flying disc a few times to get it into the goal. A deep sport with a variety of throwing techniques.

    The goal is the shape of a basket!

    Tatsumi Seaside Park has areas for 8 kinds of new sports: mallet golf, disc golf, ground golf, shuffleboard, pétanque, free tennis, putter golf, and garden golf. Equipment is available for rent. We invite you to try a sport you've never tried before!

    There's a registration-required dog run, too!

  • Walking or runing along a path in the shade of trees.
    (Tatsumi-no-mori Green Park)

    A relaxing tree-lined path stretches out in a straight line. Cherry trees and other kinds of trees have been planted here, letting you enjoy changes in the seasons.

    This park is located adjecant toTatsumi-no-mori Seaside Park and features a long tree-lined path and a spacious grassy area. Many kinds of trees and flowers can be seen in the park, allowing visitors to feel the changes of seasons. Take a deep breath as you walk along the path with sunshine filtering through the trees, and you will feel refreshed and forget you're in Tokyo. The shade of trees continues for a while, making it perfect for running as well as walking.

    Tatsumi-no-mori Seaside Park
    Tatsumi-no-mori Green Park

    2-1-35 Tatsumi, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-5569-8672
    *Contact info for Tatsumi no Mori Green Park is the same as that for Tatsumi Seaside Park.
    *A fee is charged for the new sports (¥150/hour).

  • Rent a bicycle and go cycling!

    The compact, fashionable DAHON mini foldable bicycle can also be rented.

    The Toyosu area is unusually spacious. You can walk to the parks from the station, but you can also easily rent a bicycle and enjoy cycling there. At the Coggey bicycle shop at LaLaport Toyosu, you can rent a compact foldable kind that gets you around town or a sporty cross bike. Enjoy your trip through nature-filled Toyosu.

    This shop faces the seaside deck at LaLaport Toyosu. Tokyo Bay is just a few pedals away.


    2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-5859-5306
    Open: 10:00-21:00
    Closed: No holidays (except for LaLaport and Toyosu holidays)
    *¥1800/day (town type), ¥2100/day (sports type)

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