Picnics or sports in the park

Picnics or sports in the park


Vacationing in Toyosu

This town faces Tokyo Bay and has canals that flow between high-rise buildings. It is one of the few areas in Tokyo where people and nature live in an attractive harmony. Public transport is extremely convenient. At the spur of the moment you can go on a cruise, have a picnic, enjoy sports, or relax with a night view. These are just some of the special experiences that Toyosu offers. When the weather is good, we invite you to come and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Toyosu!

  • Picnics or sports in the park
  • Relax your mind and body in a spacious park.

    The area along the bay has many green parks. The ones in the Toyosu area attract both liesurely people and active people. You can bring things from a nearby shop for a picnic on the spacious lawn, or you can try playing a new sport you may not have seen anywhere else. Just lazing on the grass might give you a taste of something you don't normally do in your everyday life.

    Freshly baked Malasada doughnuts may make you feel you're at a resort. From the left, Malasada cocoa and plain, ¥167 each. There's also cinnamon and a Japanese flavor called Kinako.

  • Light, fluffy Malasada doughnuts.
    (Hawaiian Café naninani)

    Malasada doughnuts are a popular sweet in Hawaii. Malasada is a Portuguese word that apparently means "funky". It's a simple doughnut, so its texture is important. Malasada brings you a Hawaiian mood and you can feel various textures in your mouth at the same time such as fluffiness and crispiness. Though these doughnuts are deep-fried in oil, they are very light and make you feel like you can eat lots of them.

    The shop's interior is colorful and cute. Their Hawaiian menu also offers spam rice balls, tropical drinks, and more.

    Hawaiian Café naninani

    Toyosu Residence, Annex E, 1F
    3-5-3 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-5560-9872
    Open: 11:00-19:00
    Closed: Irregular

  • More than 100 varieties of stone oven baked bread
    (Pére et Mére)

    From normal bread to sandwiches and bagels, there are lots of attractive products you can buy and take out! From the left going clockwise are a baguette ¥180, salt butter roll ¥90, ham & cheese croissant ¥300, blueberry bagel ¥160, and cole slaw koppe sandwich ¥150.

  • A bakery café accessible directly from Toyosu Station. In the morning, office workers come to take things out for breakfast or lunch, and during the day, locals come for a break; the shop is always busy with customers. It's popular because they have more than 100 varieties of bread handmade and freshly baked in their stone oven. The simple, flavorful dough just makes you want to take a bite!

    Interior of the shop filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread. Lots of products on display. Further inside, you can see the bakers busily making bread.

    Pére et Mére

    5-5-1 Toyosu, Koto-ku
    Tel: 03-3533-9588
    Open: Monday to Saturday 8:00-20:30
    Sundays & public holidays 8:00-19:00
    Closed: No holidays (except around New Year's Day)

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