Decide on the best Japanese product to buy after checking reliable information at BIC CAMERA!

Decide on the best Japanese product to buy after checking reliable information at BIC CAMERA!

Decide on the best Japanese product to buy after checking reliable information at BIC CAMERA!

  • Are you traveling to Japan and looking for some shopping information?
    As for me, I am a Taiwanese about to travel to Japan.
    Before heading there, I checked various blogs and I wanted to buy the Dyson hair dryer because of its powerful blow and drying your hair with it will take less time and have less damage.
    When I asked one of my Japanese friends where I can purchase it, she suggested that I go to BIC CAMERA which is a famous Japanese electronic shop.
    She said that I can get updated information about certain products there.
    Aside from that, they also offer a wide selection of products in one place so shopping for foreigners like me is made easier and more convenient!
    Let me tell you how BIC CAMERA became the solution to my problems!

  • Tips before going to BIC CAMERA

    Since I wanted to check out the popular Dyson hair dryer when I get to BIC CAMERA, I made an online reservation through their website even before my trip to Japan.
    All you have to do is go to their reserve page(, check the items that you want to reserve, and select the store you are planning to go to.
    I found their reservation service easy to use and what's good for us customers is that there is no reservation or cancellation fee.

  • Take a look at the product at BIC CAMERA

    • Check the reserved product

      When I arrived at Shinjuku, I easily found BICQLO which is a branch of BIC CAMERA after going out of the station.
      I got really excited upon seeing their big building!

      The first thing that I did when I reached the store is head to the beauty area to check the hair dryer that I reserved.
      I realized that there are lots of different dryers cheaper than the Dyson one, so I asked the staff if there are any other dryer with a powerful blow.
      Luckily, some of their staff members are able to speak different languages (such as Chinese, English, Korean, and Thai).

      *You could get more information via the “Feature spots” at the bottom of this page!

    • Ask for staff’s recommendation

      When I asked the staff about her recommendation, she mentioned that the “Panasonic EH-CNA97” is very popular among foreigners, especially to women given its pink color.
      Other people also gave the Panasonic hair dryer good reviews and said that it is good for smoothing your hair since it uses anion and Nanoe technology.
      To my surprise, this hair dryer is also well-liked by the girls back in my country.

      Other than that, the staff also recommended the “Sharp IB-HD95.”
      She said that this particular hair dryer also has a powerful blow.
      It is cheaper than the Dyson and Panasonic hair dryers, making it the most sought after by Japanese girls.
      With that being said, I finally decided to purchase the Sharp one.

      The staff also told me additional information that Panasonic will be releasing a new hair dryer on September 1st.
      It is said that the product will have a more powerful blow as compared to the already existing one.
      Although I cannot buy that during my trip, I'm assuming that it will be pretty popular too.
      I suggest you try that one!

  • Offering a variety of product

    After deciding on which hair dryer to buy, I went on and explored the rest of what BIC CAMERA has to offer.
    There were more items available for purchase than I ever imagined the store to have!
    The following are some examples:

    • Toy area

      In this area, I found different merchandise of Pokémon, YO-KAI WATCH, LEGO, GUNDAM, and other famous characters in Japan.

    • Liquor area

      This area offers a vast variety of alcoholic beverages with a special tasting bar.
      You can taste some drinks for at least 259 yen, while others are completely free for you to try out.
      I also found one of the most famous but definitely hard to find sake (Japanese rice wine) here.

    • Drugstore area

      This could be the shopping heaven for girls as there are thousands of famous brand products easily available.
      You can find everything you need and more – from beauty supplements to healthy food for those who are on a diet.

  • Tips before buying the product

    Extra tip: BIC CAMERA offers the tax-free system so don't forget to bring your passport during your shopping trip.
    They also have a delivery service to the airport which makes shopping even easier!
    If you are planning to buy big and bulky items such as a vacuum cleaner, you wouldn't have to carry heavy items on the way to the airport thanks to the delivery service.

    Lastly, you can avail of an additional 7% discount (5% discount for cosmetics and daily necessities) for BIC CAMERA with the “Jspeak” app that you are using now.
    Just use the “search” tool on Jspeak, select the city you are in, and select “electronics stores.”
    When you click on a specific branch, you will see the basic information about the store and the coupon.
    Just show it with your passport as you pay at the cashier.
    It's definitely easy and will help travelers save even more money!

  • By the end of my trip, I was able to travel to places without having to worry too much about shopping.
    I just went to one place and bought everything I needed such as a hair dryer and gifts to my friends and family back home.
    If you forget to buy anything, do not worry since they have a branch at Haneda Airport!
    What an amazing shopping experience at BIC CAMERA!

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    Coupon details

    8%OFF+7%OFF coupon is available in all BIC CAMERA, KOJIMA, Sofmap stores.
    8%OFF+5%OFF coupon is available in all BIC DRUG, KOJIMA drug corners.

    Notes about using this coupon

    This coupon cannot apply to Apple products, Rolex, liquor, outlet items, secondhand goods, Nintendo Switch etc. 8%OFF is still availlable. Other gaming devices, cosmetics, medicine, snacks will be 8%OFF+5%OFF.
    The discounts in Air BIC CAMERA differs in cases.
    Printing or presenting the screen are available.
    Cannot be used with other campaigns or coupons.

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    アップル純正品、ロレックス、Nintendo Switch、Wii U本体、酒類、薬・化粧品、アウトレット品、中古品など割引対象外商品があります。ゲーム機本体、薬・化粧品、お菓子は免税8%OFF+5%OFFです。
    Air BIC CAMERAは、割引率が異なる場合があります。


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